A celebration in red

Yesterday at Cuscatlan Stadium in San Salvador, the FMLN held its popular celebration of the inauguration of Mauricio Funes. El Faro had multimedia coverage of the event in this video:

and this photogallery.


Anonymous said…
Being the "official" Party always sucks and gets blamed for everything. So, I say we all join the opposition, it's a lot easier and a lot more fun too. Besides, the expectations of the "massas" will never be realized, and as Jesus Christ once said, "The poor will always be among you." So let's get out there, stop whining and find us a job even if it's selling "yucca con chimbolos."
Anonymous said…
I'm thinking of putting together a numbers game "FMLN JACK POT" with good pay-offs for correctly naming the first five new FMLN millionaires, and then guessing how many millions will be ripped off by the end of the year.

It's win-win situation because everybody knows that the more things seem to change, the more they remain the same. In Salvador, the new government is off to a great and expected new start. Funes may have some good ideas, put in reality he's just one man standing between the Reds and the seat of government they want all for themselves.

And yes, GOOD LUCK Mauricio.

Jack Diamond
Jersey City.
Anonymous said…
How intriging using Christ as a cynical prop for heartless cynicism.

Plopped in their Hummers at traffic-lights sneering at "los limpia-parabrisas", Holly Rollers will hopefully get their comeuppance soon--and it won't be in the Kingdom of Heaven.
Anonymous said…
Anybody inquire as to Funes' party affiliation? It's FMLN; much better than the D'Aubuisson son's of mass-murders ARENA presidents of late.

Miami extra-judicial assasination money and "inside-the-beltway" counterinsurgency search-and-destroy/drain-the-sea mass killings could not contain the people's will, finally.

Cynicism about politics working hand-in-hand with economic power is well-placed, but Funes popular following will hopefully transform itself into a mechanism for accountability to channel political energies to where they are needed: health care, education, and housing. Funes inauguration speech recognized as much.
Anonymous said…
Oh my gosh, you obviously haven't read and don't know your Bible quotations. But I guess that's easy to see because your heart if obviously runeth over with envy and hate. I honesty pity poor souls like you, who resent everything you are not, while at the same time you are literally eating yourself inside-out trying to be that which you so criticize and want to be yet are not. You defy logic and you personify the essence of envy and frustration. God I pity you.

Juanito Bueno
Merced, CA
Anonymous said…
Interesting point; see if you can get that across to the "vendedor de yucca con chimbolos."
Anonymous said…
Funes' problem is that he has surrounded himself with gun-runners, smugglers, killers, and whatever else crawls out from under a rock.
Funes may be a good man with good ideas as he has demonstrated with the luxury cabinet he is putting together. But he is only a man, the only man, who now stands between the geriatric extremist radicals of the FMLN, and the presidency that they've all craved for all these years.
Irrefubably, Funes used the FMLN as much as the FMLN used him to gain political office, but the last word hasn't been spoken and the buzzards are circling overhead.

Jesse Chavez
Anonymous said…
"Plopped in their Hummers at traffic-lights sneering at "los limpia-parabrisas", Holly Rollers will hopefully get their comeuppance soon--and it won't be in the Kingdom of Heaven."

Hoily Cow! Sounds like this Salvadoran goof-balls knows Jimmy Swaggert, but I hear that GM is gonna drop the Hummer line.

Jimmy Thompson
Anonymous said…
Que Viva la Pepa, Arriba el guaro!

Que trabajen los bueyes, lo que soy yo, les digo a la cerada: "Que hacemos que no tenemos y que lo poco que tenemos lo bebemos". Entonces, chupemos!

A mi demen Ron Potrero del que hace la Milita alla por agua escondida.

Los politicos son como los zopes, cuando vuelan, vuelan bien alto, pero al bajar, bajan a comer la pura M.
Anonymous said…
"Plopped in their Hummers at traffic-lights sneering at "los limpia-parabrisas"

Hey Pal, don't get too comfy in that cushy seat, they've probably ripped-off a street man-hole up ahead, and if your craved for Hummer falls into one, it'll cost you big bucks and wake you from your dreams of "easy street."

Oh, what color was your Hummer?

Ain't reality a bitch!
Anonymous said…
"Holly Rollers will hopefully get their comeuppance soon--and it won't be in the Kingdom of Heaven."

Oh boy! Are you thinking what I'm thinking, a trip to Vegas!

Julius Rosenthal
Daly City, CA
Anonymous said…
"Funes popular following will hopefully transform itself into a mechanism for accountability to channel political energies to where they are needed: health care, education, and housing. Funes inauguration speech recognized as much."

That's the only easy part of governing a poor third world country like El Salvador.

Anything you do is an improvement in a country where rivers are still used as sewers, and it's principle export are the people, and who's biggest source of foreign exchange comes from the "remesas" from the U.S.A.

El Salvador can at least say it is more advanced than its neighbors, Nicaragua, Guatemala and Honduras, but it can't lick the shoes of Costa Rica.

I don't doubt for a minuete that a hurricane hitting El Salvador would be a big improvement. You see, I've been there.

Abner Dimas
San Jose.
Anonymous said…
We have to hand it to him, Mr. Mauricio Funes has done a superb job of putting together a fairly decent and competent cabinet within the limited pool of possible prospects that he had to chose from.

We all surely understand that Funes' choices within the FMLN are extremely limited (to say the least), and that asinine "feel good" thirty year old rhetoric will only go so far when you need to run a country.

As we have all witnessed during the past twenty some odd years, the FMLN has people who can run as competent mayors of some backwater hamlet and city, but they are completely lacking in professional competency and they simply do they possess the statesmanship to represent the country in a world setting.

Remember, we're not talking any longer about some secret rendezvous between FMLN insurgents meeting the likes of a Hugo Chavez, the FARC terrorists or the Sandinista Ortega clowns. Things have evolved, and either we lead, follow, or get out of the way.

Jose Ma Pino

Quito, Ecuador.
Anonymous said…
"He who lives in glass house shouldn't throw stones."

And accordingly, here's a little trivia on some FMLN radicals, who former communist guerrilla himself, Ernesto Ayala and others are documenting regarding the 1,200-1,500 assassinations carried out by the FMLN terrorists between 1986 and 1990 in the provinces of Morazan and Chalatenango.

As for the newly elected Vice President, the Honorable Salvador Sanchez Ceren "Leonel Gonzalez," accused of ordering the assassination of his comrade in arms and FMLN second in command, Melida Anaya Montes "Ana Maria" among a hoard of others. Mr. Sanchez Ceren, also known as "machete," is the man behind the Funes throne, and is himself a known former terrorist guerrilla and unrepentant hardcore communist.

Then we have José Luis Merino, another dominant figure in the FMLN who is surely more powerful within the party than Funes and who will likely be implicated in illegal arms deals with FARC terrorists by the ghost of Raul Reyes. Merino hungrily looks toward a government post giving him unfettered access to the cocaine corridor passing through the Americas to Mexico and the United States.

The idea that Ceren and the FMLN geriatric ideologues will change their stripes for Mauricio Funes has been sold to the Salvadoran electorate, but it is much more likely that the men behind Funes, the traditional communists in the FMLN, will wield true power.

Funes has naively surrounded himself with vipers, and if these perceive him as "being in the way" then best of luck to Mr. Mauricio Funes.

I ask myself, ideologically speaking, what is the difference between Facundo Guardado and Mauricio Funes.

Jesus Rojas
Nuevo Ocotepeque
Anonymous said…
To the above. You make alot of sense but I hope you're wrong.
Anonymous said…
From 1978 to 1993, Geovani Galeas, alias "Juancito," was a dedicated, militant radical socialist guerrilla in the ERP (People's Revolutionary Army), predecessor to the FMLN (Farabundo Marti National Liberation Front). Ernesto Ayala, known to this day by his guerrilla alias "Berne," was a committed (and seriously wounded) communist guerrilla from 1982 to the end of the civil war in 1992.

Now, as ardent supporters of the democratic process, they have launched a hard-hitting, informative online newspaper, www.centroamerica21.com, fast becoming a must read among politically involved people in the region.

Anonymous said…
La recesion se siente que afloja un poco aqui en los United, y espero que le llega aunque sea la colita al Salvador. Yo trabajo aqui en "rufin" y la construccion anda bien mal. Necesito ganar mis dolaritos para mandar traer a mi vieja y para acernos gringos como aqeyos que dicen "Englich no speaking, Spanish forgotten".

Asdrubal Reyes
Anonymous said…
More accurate and sincere news sources for El Salvador are:



Anonymous said…
"More accurate and sincere news sources for El Salvador are"

Oh really! Accurate and Sincere, huh... Jeez, I sure don't want to confuse you with the facts.

But, thanks but no thanks. You see, you can fool some of the people some of the time, and perhaps you can fool most of the people most of the time, but you can't fool me any of the time.

I'm way beyond all that, you see I've realized that the words "accurate and sincere" are not communist values, and I'm really tired of the banal 30-year old rhetoric of stupid excuses, simplistic propaganda and the idiotic and asinine victim mentality of always blaming others.

If you believed your own BS, you'd be in Cuba or some other languishing place, and not here in the USA taking advantage of our freedoms and our envied way of life. It's as simple and as complex as that.
Anonymous said…
I can't believe that a third-world banana republic like Salvador can actually pass-on the presidential baton peacefully. Apparently it's true, and I can only surmise that these lawless ignorant people are finally learning decent social behavior from us. Either they've been collectively abducted by aliens or there's something in the booze they're drinking.

But anyway, good for them and God speed!
Anonymous said…
An Account: San Vicente Massacres during the Civil War?:

Sink your teeth into this; ponganse busos con los datas seguientes, en lo que se trata del "debate" sobre los masacres:

Anonymous said…
To the energized above post:

And just who the hell is going to read all that by gone garbage in your boring posting? Things that supposedly happened in a war more than 30 years ago. What kind of bimbo would be so interested in accusations and allegations of supposed happenings during a war three decades ago. It's OK to know a little history, and that there was a war; but to actually live and relive it like it happened last night? Don't you realize that most Salvadorans hadn't even been born yet! Come on, Buddie, you really need to get a life.

As for me, the funniest anecdote of that war was when ERP big shot, Joaquin Villalobos, swiped the all the money and took off with his concubine to Europe with the entire guerrilla war chest. This guy is clearly the smartest one of the whole group.

I think it was hilarious that he left all the other pinkos high and dry and with their mouths gaping wide open in wonderment.

You should try writing lullaby's.
Anonymous said…
And as if anyone cared, the FMLN and the tin horn dictator, Hugo Chavez, are saying that he was a no-show at the inauguration because there was a plot to drop him like a sack of potatoes. As the story goes, someone was going to shoot his plane out of the sky with a surface to air missile on its approach to Salvador's airport. What imaginations!

Oh, and Chavez also postponed his four day program "Hola Sr. President" with the and same cock and bull story of a plot against him. The most likely scenario is that he was simply drunk.

And besides, who cares...

Larry Olson
Tempano Beach
Anonymous said…
Al maje que arriba escribe, "ponganse busos con los datas seguientes, en lo que se trata del "debate" sobre los masacres:"

Estas loca, a que "debate" te refieres? Por si no lo sabes, la guerra se acabo y la paz se firmo alla por 1992!

Despierta mi bien despierta, que el tiempo ya se paso y los pajaritos cantan al amanecer que llego.

Cochita de Pulido
Asuncion Mita
Anonymous said…
The FMLN appears to be divided into two very diverse groups: The first group consists of the "Directorate" who seems a sensible lot and who hold the reins of political power. The second group consists mostly of "the masses" an ignorant loud mouthed group who clamor with hatred and envy and talk about some war that happened some decades ago.

Pres. Fuenes will have his job cut out for him when he tries to address the expectations of this "chusm" backbone of his Party.

Interesting to say the least.
Anonymous said…
To the above commentary:

Excuse my ignorance, but I'm very interested in learning Spanish. I've looked-up in my Spanish-English dictionary the word you use, "chusma" but can't seem to find it. Could you please clarify if it is Spanish or simply a localism. Thank you.

Judy Miller
Des Moines, IA
Anonymous said…
OK Mauricio, the fiesta is over and you need to shake-off your hang over. Two more innocent sons of El Salvador were gunned-down and murdered last night as they walked out of a city restaurant.

It's time you stop talking the talk, and get on with walking the walk. You are president now so get your ass in gear and do your job. Perhaps you can get one of your FMLN killers to bring-in the murderer. After all, it takes a crook to nab a crook.

And while you're at it, it's about time you did something to take the country off the neferious list as murder capital of the world. We want tourism dollars, but no one in his/her right mind would vacation in Murder City.

Fidencio Lopez
Tacachico/Sn Bernardino
Anonymous said…
All above Blowhards who claim the "war" ended:

This grafic about massacres depicts the need for further investigation to hold those responsible accountable, to strike a blow against impunity for WAR CRIMES and CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY!


Got that ex-U.S. military, CIA, BIRI, GN, PH, PN, FAES accomplices in mass murder!

Plus, the graphic's relevance to discussion of allegations of responsibility in FPL "ajusticiamientos de infiltres" in the late 1980s in San Vicente.

For those illiterates in Salvadoran colloquial speech, the word is "chusma", not "chusm" or even worse, perhaps, for the author, "chums".

Sneering disrespect for El Salvador's poor and marginalized only exhibits lack of compassion and cynical, childish, name-calling.

Also, "chusma" is well defined in Pedro Geoffrey Rivas wonderful, "La Lengua Salvadorena". For anyone truly interested in understanding Salvadoran speech--that would exclude presumably those on the payroll of Salvadoran high-society death-squad financiers (read ARENA party)--it is a must read.
Anonymous said…
To the previous and above posting.

Gosh, you are certainly rude aren't you. But you still dance around the meaning of "chusma" which leads me back to my initial and unanswered question. Or perhaps you actually do respond to my question with your actions and not with words. You see, I'm interested in current affairs, and not in antiquated stories and past allegations of three or four decades ago. That's long gone history of my grandmothers time.

Didn't that silly war in Salvador that you go on and on about end with the signing of the peace accords back in the early 1990's? That's almost 20 years ago!

Gosh, let's start beating the dead horse of Vietnam, Korea or some other God forsaken war too, OK. OH, and have you heard that Napoleon was defeated by the British at Waterloo!!!!!

You definitely are an ignorant and hateful person and I sincerely would prefer you not addressing me at all. I don't enjoy or see anything positive with exchanging impressions with envious, hatefilled and low class individuals. I'm sure there are plenty your kind, go for it.

Judy Miller
Des Moines
Anonymous said…
What an asinine post, but I guess there are all kinds out there.

"Got that ex-U.S. military, CIA, BIRI, GN, PH, PN, FAES accomplices in mass murder!"

And what is there to say other than, "THE MOUSE THAT ROARED." How ignoramous can an individual be and still be considered rational?

People like this can talk, simply because God in his infinite wisdom gave them vocal cords. If not, they'd be braying like a Jack Ass.

Tim Brandt
Fort McCoy
Anonymous said…
OMG you're right about these nincampoops

These poor devils don't have a life, so they dwell on stuff that happeded so long ago that no one even cares anymore.

Reality is that most of the participants in that so-called war are old and decrepid men who rely on walkers to even get around.

And the only fight left in them is the fight to get up every night 6 to 10 times to pee.

Miguelito Perla
Miami Beach
Anonymous said…
Hey you all, I found the meaning of "Chusma."

"La gentuza, chusma, la ínfima plebe."

which basically translates to "rabble" in plain old English.

But why would "chusma" be referred to as the mainstay of the FMLN masses? I'll have to look into this a little more. Though I dare not travel to Salvador because of it's fame as a violent and lawless place. Thanks anyway.

Judy Miller
Des Moines
Anonymous said…
Judy, if you ever get the courage and decide to go down there, don't drink the water. No way! And definitely don't eat the popular food there, cause you'll end-up with tapeworms and amebas to say the least. Truth is I don't think those people know the meaning of sanitation.

If you wnat to go down there, I'd stick to Costa Rica. That country is beautiful, they have an enviable environment with wonderful wildlife, and the locals aren't inherent thieves. All to the contrary, I've found the "Ticos" to be friendly, decent and honest folks.

Frank Carmody
Ann Arbor
Anonymous said…
Tourism tips!! Tim's Blog finally found its readership!
Anonymous said…
Oh yes, definitely yes. You are absolutely right on that! Here on Tim's Blog you'll find even great tips on tourism alright. It's a wonderful and pluralist site with a wide and varied range of topics and readership. Tim covers from Alpha to Omega, and everyone seems welcome to show and share their ignorance and/or bias.

Remember that everyone is stupid and/or ignorant, only on different topics. And only an idiot will argue that he/she knows it all.

My experience with the Tupamaro here was, that leftists are the only ones who qualify absolutely as know-it-alls.

Viva la Difference!

Michelle Didot Herrera
Juan Sin Tierra said…
?Y tendra consejos para aquellos que no tengan pasaportes para pasar fronteras con tanto facilidad como aquellos de los paises ricos o de las clases ricas?

?Y que paso con aquel torturador de la CIA destacado en Montevideo? !como se llamaba el tipo, Mitrione? asi se llamaba el gringito de Indiana. A ver cuantos a esos llamados Tupamaros torturo aquel gringito; lastima que se lo tubieron que quebrar.
Anonymous said…
As for "Tourism Tips" on Tim's Blog, I can recommend Veradero Beach in Havana, but only if you stick with the tourist "only" hotels.

Cuban rabble (la chusma) aren't allowed in the nicer hotels unless they have Euros or U.S. Dollars.

That makes it nice because the government tries to keep-up the hotels to draw in tourists. And they offer some really great deals to foreigners.

And another "Tourist Tip" remember that any cabbie will take you to see Cuban women who are nice and very reasonable. I'd suggest you take along some silk nylons to handout, they love'm and you'll get some really great dividends.


Fulgencio Machado
Coral Gables
Anonymous said…
Thanks for exposing yourself as an exploiting "john" predator of women, and pointing out general imperialist exploitation of "pricey real estate", even in putatively "socialist" countries.
Anonymous said…
Al tontido de arriba quien dice:

"lastima que se lo tubieron que quebrar"

Asi es la vida, cherito. Lo unico seguro es la muerte, pero me imagino que ese gringito de quien hablas se dio gusto con tanto tontito griton. Lastima que se los acabo pues no dejo nada para los demas.

Bueno, y digame: que los Uruguayos son tan mamaitas que necesitan a un gringito para hacerles sus trabajitos y mandados?

Te acuerdas como se llamaba aquel que armo el famoso "Salon de Belleza" donde tantos tontitos quedaron todavia mas tontitos?

Moises Castro "El Apache"
Juan Sin Tierra said…
Di me tu a mi como se llamaba aquel que se armo la "Salon de Belleza"; hara noticia tu sin querer; ?y era gringito tambien? ?o a estilo salvatruco, pero con ayuditas con aquellos que pagaban la cuenta desde Washington o Miami?
Anonymous said…
To the post that states:

"Thanks for exposing yourself as an exploiting "john" predator of women, and pointing out general imperialist exploitation of "pricey real estate", even in putatively "socialist" countries."

Listen to me, Chico, no one is forced to do anything that they don't want to do. After all, we're not communists.

And for icing on your pinko cake, let me tell you that I also
have purchased two McDonald's and a Sherwin Williams Paint franchise for Havana and for Holguin, Cuba. We're just waiting for the moment when that languishing island eventually overthrows its slavemasters so we can go in and set-up shop.

The entire island needs a face lift and a whole lot of paint, and I'm going to make that "Sherwin Williams" Paints. You see, Chico, I'm expecting to make a killing and become the new Cuban platudo.

And as for the Cuban masses who all they've been eating is octopus and rice, I can just see them with a nice juicy Big Mac and fries. It will seem like heaven to those poor souls.

All the market studies we've done are looking real good! Cuba is like a thirsty Paris Hilton waiting for the Pina Colada that I have in my hands.

You see, Pal, I'm a businessman, and investing and making money is my game.

Fulgencio Machado
Coral Gables
Anonymous said…
To the doopey post that reads:

"and pointing out general imperialist exploitation of "pricey real estate", even in putatively "socialist" countries"

This may come as a big surprise to you, Jethro, but even Socialist countries like Cuba are Capitalist in nature. Only the masses are made to live in desperate squalor. THINK! Why do you think those poor people will do anything they can, even ride an innertube through shark infested waters, to get our of that so-called communist "paradise."

Sometimes I wonder about you commies. You are here in the U.S. when you could easily be in Cuba. What's the problemo, ey Pal?
Anonymous said…
A little light side trivia...

Bryce Harper is only 16, yet he hits a baseball farther than most pros ever will.

This bit of news trivia should serve as comfort all you loser commies; you see, it's clear that "El que nace para maceta no pasa del corredor." "El que nace para tamale le llueve la tuza."

Tomasin Cuautemoc
Piedras Hermosas
Saturnino del Mar said…
Think Haiti when you think of "desperate squalor", estilo capitalista; by the way, why does the U.S. send Haitian refugees back to such a paradise, and allow the Cubans in from theirs? Perhaps there is a double standard in effect to suit the purposes of the imperial master?
Anonymous said…
Elecciones, cuales elecciones!

Yo no soy ni communista, ni capitalista, ni socialista, ni fascista, ni nada de esas babosadas que trajo el barco.

Yo soy the Santa Ana y a mi me vale!

Si tienen preguntas o reclamos, vivo el Km. 67 y a como 100 mts. en el camino polvoso. Pregunten por el toro rejero de la zona.

Carmelo Macachiche
Anonymous said…
In response to Salurnino del Mar.

Perhaps you haven't yet realized that the Cubans in South Florida have become an economic and political powerhouse. The creme de la creme of Cuban society and their intelligentsia came over to the U.S. to start a new life of freedom from communist dictators and repression.

In Cuba, anyone with a couple of bucks to spare will buy an inner tube and float over from that languishing island paradise. I'm sure you know that!

As for Haitians, why don't you think they go to Cuba instead of coming all the way here to the U.S.A. Cuba is, after all, definitely a lot closer for them than here in the U.S.

Anyway, once the get here, the Haitian community does not have the economic nor the political muscle to promote their interests like the South Florida Cubans have. Blame that reality on whom you may. Reality is reality.

Comprende commie... Oh, and what about you, what are you doing here when Cuba is just 90 miles away.

Frank Ballesteros
Miami Beach
Anonymous said…
After skimming through so many posts, I can laugh and only say:

Show me a communist and I'll show you a socially resentful useless fool. It's common knowledge that Communism is a failed doctrine, but these losers continue running after it like lemmings.

There are definitely desperate people. I actually pity them.

Joseph Komuka
Banning, CA
Anonymous said…
To the "Perhaps there is a double standard in effect to suit the purposes of the imperial master?" post:
It's clear from what spills out of your mouth that you don't know what "Imperialism" is. Think of the countries who have actually had empires; Spain, Great Britan, Soviet Union, Etc. If you had any brains at all, you'd know that the U.S. has been in the position of taking over the world many times over if we had wanted to. We don't.

In fact, if we wanted to, we could take over all of Latin America in one morning, in the afternoon we could then take over Europe and by evening the Middle East. But we don't, because we don't want to, and becuase that's simply not us.

Got it!

Henry Allen
Anonymous said…
Juan sin Tierra (quizas se hecho aguita) y quien dice:

"Di me tu a mi como se llamaba aquel que se armo la "Salon de Belleza"

El Salon la puso Irmita Hoyos de Zepeda. Creo que puso ese salon en Sonsonate a la salida para Acajutla. Se llamaba Salon Daisy, como dije anteriormente. Talvez te refieres al marido quien a lo mejor era grigo, quien sabe.

Espero le sirvan estos datos.

Moises Castro "El Apache"
Anonymous said…
Al anterior post:

Yo no entiendo de Salones, pero me recuerdo que por alli quedaba la ceveceria "La Burrita" y servian buenas bocas. Garrobo Prieto en Alguashte, y Sopita de Tripa con Tanatillo.

A lo mejor estos comunistoides baratos de salon nos van a querer quitar hasta ese gustito.

Beto Flores
Anonymous said…
Juan Sin Tierra said...
?Y tendra consejos para aquellos que no tengan pasaportes para pasar fronteras con tanto facilidad como aquellos de los paises ricos o de las clases ricas?

Si deveras quieres saber, preguntemelo otra vez. Pero no esperes consejos de choto, pues no somos comunistitas.

Anonymous said…
Juan sin tierra, no? Y que te paso la vez pasada que repartieron las tierras.

Yo de plano no fui ningun tonto, yo agarre mi pedazo, lo vendi y me fui para los United. Lo que paso alla fue que me tenia loco una negra con 8 chipotes y decidi regresarme. Ahora con estos comunistas quien sabe, a lo mejor me regreso para los United pues alla hay vida, pura vida, hermano.