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Justice not advancing in El Mozote massacre case

The massacre of close to a thousand children, women, elderly and others at El Mozote and surrounding hamlets in El Salvador in December 1981 was one of the worst single human rights atrocities in the Americas.  Forty two years later, those responsible for the crime against humanity remain unjudged and unpunished. The most recent development unfolded in a US immigration court. One of the military officers from the infamous Atlacatl Battalion and alleged to be involved in this massacre and others was Salvadoran Colonel Roberto Antonio Garay Saravia.   He emigrated to the US in 2014 and resided in Virginia until he was arrested this year and US immigration authorities ought to deport him for lying about his involvement in human rights atrocities and extrajudicial killings.   In September, however, a US immigration judge ruled that the US government had not proved by clear and convincing evidence that Garay Saravia had personal involvement or command authority over the massacres.   An  art