El Salvador Perspectives is a news and information site/blog focused on the Central American country of El Salvador. The primary focus is on news and politics, but you can also find articles here on culture, tourism, art, food and more.

The intended audience for El Salvador Perspectives are English-speakers who have some relationship with El Salvador. Whether you have friends and relatives in El Salvador, have a sister church, visited on a service trip, or are researching the country's continued emergence and healing from its civil war during the 1980's, there should be something on this site for you.

El Salvador Perspectives began in 2004 as "Tim's El Salvador Blog."  In the dozen years following, the site has developed a following in both the US and El Salvador and a community of people who share thoughts in comments, tweets, messages and elsewhere.

El Salvador Perspectives is the product of Tim Muth. Tim is a US trained lawyer who splits his time between El Salvador and Milwaukee, Wisconsin in the US. When he is not researching and writing articles for this site, Tim works on matters involving civil liberties and human rights. Tim actively tweets as a supplement to El Salvador Perspectives, and you can follow him on Twitter as @TimMuth.

Tim is married to Linda, who also writes frequently about El Salvador. You can find her blog at Linda's El Salvador Blog.