Salvadorans trust Funes to govern well

A recent public opinion poll found that almost 70% of Salvadorans expect newly installed president Mauricio Funes to govern well or very well:

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Gatofilo said…
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Gatofilo said…
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Gatofilo said…
I fully agree and trust that Mauricio Funes, being the well liked, charismatic and capable individual he is, certainly has the potential in his hands to do a fine job as president of all Salvadorans.

After years of turmoil, the people of El Salvador came to the realization that "ballots not bullets" is the correct formula for the dynamic and prosperous advancement of their nation.

The peaceful electoral transition from the ruling ARENA Party, that had led the nation for 20 consecutive years, to the then opposition FMLN Party, has been a clear demonstration that the democratic process is in effect working for El Salvador.

Mauricio Funes as president, has shown himself to be an intelligent, compromising and moderate politician who has the best interests of the Salvadoran nation at heart.

Irrefutably, the Salvadoran people made a great choice in Mauricio, and the nation has intered into a and peaceful democratic orbit. Let's hope it never comes down.
Unknown said…
Lucky for Mauricio, ARENA never left a high standard to match, so whatever he does, I am sure he'll outshine his predecessors.
Unknown said…
Nice to sing the praises of the U.S.'s (from Wisconsin?) El Salvador's "democracy promotion", but leaving out the U.S., ARENA, and PDC sponsored decimation (extra-judicial assasinations, mass killings, and disappearances)of members of trade unions, peasant groups, and human right organizations omits the bloody carnage the imperial master imposed training the misbehaving "backyard" dweller.

That is to the U.S.' everlasting shame.

Pollyanaish plaudits belie ongoing underlying tensions that refuse to disppear, in spite of triumphalist chest beating about the "blessings of liberty" and democracy.
Gatofilo said…
The Venezuelan 800 pound gorilla, Hugo Chavez, with all intent and collusion, continues his meddling in Honduran internal affairs, unabashedly pushing-on and encouraging the Honduran people to resist authorities and thus create the scenario and conditions for a blood bath as forewarned by Cardinal Masariaga.

The U.S. has called for mediation between Zelaya and Micheletti to be held in Costa Rica and presided over by President Oscar Arias. Although it is amply clear that this mediation is not a negotiation, and as such both Zelaya and Micheletti have accepted.

It is important for the region as a whole to surpass the current impasse and this meeting certainly opens the way to serious and franc dialog between both parties. Hopefully this meeting will transform into a negotiated and viable settlement that all parties concerned deserve.

At the same time, the Obama Administration has stated that it believes that dialog between the U.S. and Venezuela is necessary in order to deal with concerns of mutual interests. At the same time, the Administration made it amply clear that the U.S. does not support in any way the current levels of gross intervention and meddling in the internal affairs of other countries in the region.

Clearly there are many points of contention between the U.S. and Venezuela that require immediate attention. The Honduras crisis is high on the list, but so is the news media censorship in Venezuela, where Hugo Chavez has warned Globovision not to permit or give air time to views opposing his government. Then there is the question regarding the Mayor of Caracas, currently on a hunger strike, who is trying by all means at his disposal to tell the world of the repression and threats that he has been subjected to by the Chavez regime. His sole crime was being elected mayor from an opposition party.

The Obama Administration went on to clarify that it could very well maintain conversations even with persons they do not agree with fully, stating that, “We want a vibrant democracy that reflects the best that each country has to offer.”

I believe that El Salvdor with the political maturity demonstrated by Mauricio Funes, and the primary political parties, ARENA and FMLN, that El Salvador is definitely on the right track to a dynamic and prosperous democracy with all the potential to become a beacon of hope for the entire region.
Unknown said…
"At the same time, the Obama Administration has stated that it believes that dialog between the U.S. and Venezuela is necessary in order to deal with concerns of mutual interests. At the same time, the Administration made it amply clear that the U.S. does not support in any way the current levels of gross intervention and meddling in the internal affairs of other countries in the region."

The above is a laugher!! When is it that the United States of America has not been engaged in "...levels of gross intervention and meddling in the internal affairs..."

Gatofilo go back to your imperial masters cave where you belong, and stop issuing such statements so full of contradictions....the dialectic will eat them up in the end.
Gatofilo said…
President Obama has been vacillating and putting-off issuing a clear and definite response to the Honduran question, but now it appears that his time is up and he has been called to clarify his administrations official position regarding that ongoing crisis.

If we take a moment to stop and consider who the principle players are that we’re dealing with, it becomes quite evident that President Obama will have to make the choice whether to isolate Honduras, or put a stop to Hugo Chavez and his blatant meddling in the internal affairs of the Honduran nation.

Venezuelan intervention is clear when we see Manuel Zelaya’s failed attempt to return to Honduras in a Venezuelan licensed airplane, piloted by a Venezuelan, and accompanied by the Sandinista OAS representative, Manuel D’Escoto, and a circus of Hugo Chavez ALBA “democratic” South American presidents. Considering the terrible possibilities, we must all complement the Honduran authorities for having frustrated the sinister Chavez/Zelaya plot, to instigate a blood bath as forecast by Cardinal Masariaga.

Again, we must also congratulate Salvadoran president, Mauricio Funes for the calm, compassionate and politically moderate and intelligent welcome he offered these surprise visitors to El Salvador after their denied landing at Toncontin.

President Funes received Zelaya and the foreign dignitaries with protocol and with non committal politeness. So far in his mandate, President Funes has not disappointed the Salvadoran electorate, and to the contrary he has shown a genuine humanity and political maturity so indispensable in any great leader. Mauricio is without doubt the correct choice that El Salvador needed at this moment of hemispheric turmoil and economic insecurity.

The chararrote Hugo Chavez has the objective of destabilizing Latin American democracies, without anyone actually attacking him or Venezuela. To the contrary, the U.S. continues to be his trading partner and principle importer of Venezuelan oil.

Hugo Chavez seems driven to intervene in Honduras and create another mini Daniel Ortega, and if it wasn’t Honduras it would be somewhere else. The man is either insane or bipolar.

The danger in all this is that Hugo Chavez urgently needs dead Hondurans in order to further advance his imperialist project.

The ball is now in President Obama’s court and he must act soon. Like it or not, the international isolation of Honduras only furthers the risk of violence and of the forecast blood bath that Chavez so desires.
Gatofilo said…
Costa Rican president and Honduran crisis mediator, Oscar Arias, requested today in San Jose, the agendas of the initial two days (today and tomorrows) from both contending positions in order that he might review these and prepare and viable initial plan toward a fructiferous dialog.

Before leaving Washington, Manuel Zelaya was clear, and stated that there was nothing to negotiate, but rather the meeting with President Micheletti, in Costa Rica, was to plan “the reestablishment of democratic order and to reinstall his disposed presidency.” Zelaya arrived at San Jose, the capital of Costa Rica, yesterday.

At the same time, the Honduran interim president, Micheletti, was firm in his declaration that the dialog in Costa Rica with Zelaya, should not be misconstrued with the misunderstanding that the dialog would any way lead to the return of Zelaya as president of the Honduran nation. “There is no way possible, Zelaya has committed crimes in Honduras, and he must pay.

In other word, “do the crime, make the time.”
Unknown said…
Post coup judicial maneuverings providing a legalistic veneer to a patently anti-democratic and unconstitutional removal by the Honduran military of a sitting president (Zelaya was not impeached), provide little justification for threats to imprison President Zelaya. Micheletti and the Honduran "chaferotes" should allow Zelaya to return to serve out his remaining months as president.
Gatofilo said…
The frustrated leftist, Manuel Zelaya, had as his primary strategic political ploy the polarization of Honduran society, and the instigation of "class hatred" in a country where class hatred had never existed before him.

Honduran Cardinal, Oscar Rodriguez Maradiaga, is undoubtedly considered around the world as a great and Godly man, who could have become Cental America's first Pope in 2005.

Now, defacing the building walls of Tegucigalpa we can see under Masariaga'a posters, spray-painted words of hatred, words of anger, the word "golpista."

Cardinal Masariaga recently made the most transcendental decision of his pastoral life following the ouster of the Honduran traitor, Manuel Zelaya. After much prayer and meditation, asking God's guidance and blessings for all Hondurans, Cardinal Masariaga gave his benediction to President Roberto Micheletti.

Hopefully and with Gods divine intervention, the negotiations in Costa Rica will bring the much desired peace back to the besieged Honduran people.
Griselda said…
I am in the "Very well / Well
69%" bracket!!!!