Final election results

On Friday, the TSE released the final election results for the election of deputies to the National Assembly. The FMLN will have 35 seats (a gain of 3), ARENA will have 32 seats (a loss of 2) and the PCN will have 11 seats, making the PCN the swing voting bloc in the legislature. The Christian Democrats won 5 seats and Democratic Change scored one. The FMLN obtained 42.5% of the valid votes cast and ARENA earned 38.4%. Some 2.2 million Salvadorans turned out to vote, a participation rate of 54%.

In San Salvador, Norman Quijano of ARENA obtained 86,569 votes (49.8%) and incumbent mayor Violeta Menjivar received 80,789 votes.

If you want the election results boiled down all the way to the individual voting table, you can see them at the TSE web site.


Anonymous said…
Thanks for the update,

Now all we are waiting on is the presidential Election.

I believe that the FMLN will lose this election for the Presidency.

When I was in El Salvador for some work stuff.

I asked around and some did not care for FMLN plus the war is too recent. Just my guess,

They may have won the seats but they will not take the capitol vote ARENA!elsalvador
Unknown said…
The numerical truth of the elections reveals the following:


-Mauricio Funes has been lied to by his strategists and the UCA-led polls which tried to place him as a salvadoran obama.

-Whoever wins the presidential election (probably in a second round) will not have a wide margin of victory and, therefore, will lack a great margin of political capital to exploit. And will have to pact for governance.

-There is space for the participation of many more people in the presidential election given the participation figures shown last sunday. Therefore, the presidential elections' results could surprise the fmln giving ARENA the victory. Or the other way around.

-The final word from now on, rests on the Salvadoran people, and the polls have been discredited, at least those favoring Funes.

-The orderly and non violent conclusion of our elections, should make us SALVADORANS think about stopping that dreadful and self emasculating, useless tendency to keep on requesting and allowing foreign observers to certify our civic duty, and our political maturity. There should be no space for ANY foreign intervention in our affairs.
Anonymous said…

-- total number of votes FMLN/CD/FDR


-- total number of votes ARENA/PCN

Unknown said…
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Unknown said…
The FMLN won the highest share of votes of any party in the five legislative elections held after1994.
Anonymous said…
There is some level of fear for some Salvadorian that do not want the FMLN to win. And I have heard of people in the business sector about talking of leaving the country and go else where, not neccesarily the US, but some country that is free from that kind of influence. I wish the salvadorian peple best of luck in bringing democracy back, on the table with out some other ideology of form of government.
Anonymous said…
Among the cantones in El Salvador, I have seen a lot of support for the FMLN. I have also been very impressed with the fairness and work of the UCA. Perhaps one ought to wait to see the election results before condemning the polls.
Anonymous said…
Fairness from UCA?
Come on, their polls said that Ms Menjivar had a 15 point lead. Quijano won.

They say Funes has the same lead, I'm just saying... be prepared to accept Mr. Avila as your new president-elect and future president. Mr. Avila just got about 300,000 votes overnight... people who were voting for PCN and PDC will not vote for FMLN. They might see ARENA as the lesser of two evils, but still the votes will favour ARENA.
Anonymous said…
The DUI lists people as Salvadorenos and Salvadoreans not Salvadorans or Salvadorians. Come to think of it it is better that we have more than one name, as there is not one proper way to describe Salvadoreans.