Chavez funding FMLN campaign?

This week the US National Director of Intelligence provided his Annual Threat Assessment to the Senate. The report included this discussion of Venezuela under the heading "Continued Regional Activism" (pg. 25):
We expect Chavez to provide generous campaign funding to the Farabundo Marti National Liberation Front (FMLN) in El Salvador in its bid to secure the presidency in the 2009 election.

President Tony Saca, in Washington for meetings with President Bush, immediately asked for an investigation into the allegations and called for Venezuela to stay out of El Salvador's internal affairs.

In interviews, Mauricio Funes denied that Venezuela would be providing any funds for the FMLN's election campaigns, stating that financing would be done from the party's own funds. The FMLN issued similar statements.


El-Visitador said…
«Chavez funding FMLN campaign?»

You can take away that question mark already.

On April 5, 2006, Carlos Ruiz, FMLN Mayor of Soyapango and head of the Chavez-FMLN Oil Company (ENEPASA), clearly stated that 40% of each gallon of Venezuelan oil is "payable" by FMLN on the year 2031 (La Prensa Gráfica).

The FMLN expects to sell $6 million of oil each month. 40% of that is $2.4 million available each month for campaign spending.

Unless, of course, you really think that FMLN will pay in 2031 for a gallon of diesel burned today.
Anonymous said…
I don't know why they make such a big scandal because of that, the US gave 1 million every day to the army of el salvador during the Civil War. Also I don't think that ARENA doesn't get any help from the United states Government.

President saca Talks a lot about that Venezuela (or other countries) souldn't "stick their noses" in other contries' business. Thne why did he ran a campaign agaisnt Chaves' decision to close RCTV?. And if you don't like the case I mentioned before, Why did the US government threatened the entire country that they were going to stop all the money that salvadoreans send from there if the FMLN won the 2004 Elections. Oh and they said the same to Nicaragua, I never heard Mr. Tony Saca Telling Condoleesa Rice or George bush that they couldn't do that.
Basta de Casaca said…
I don't believe we salvadoreans have such a stupid president, such a moron as Tony Saca!!

I'm sorry for being so honest, but... Tony Saca just likes to talk shit, shit and more shit (he seems to be an expert for that!). What's that have to do with being a lider?

Tony Saca is just a brown-nose, a liar, a hypocrite and a rich puppet with HIGH SCHOOL EDUCATION. Shame on us salvadoreans!!!

What is the rest of the world going to think about us, because of this fucking moron we have as president?
Anonymous said…
chavez having some influence in the salvadoran political landscape should not surprise anyone, the thing is, if the united states has directly exerted influence throughout salvadoran history, why is it so bad venezuela should do the same. i don't like to mention the subject of national sovereignty because in el salvador there is no such thing. so even though it may be likely, chavez and the fmln are doing a good job of keeping it under the radar. what is more likely is that this will turn out to be the arena campaign headline for the 09 elections...the way i see it that moron, fruit, pipian, sissy named rene figueroa is orchestrating this scandal to trick people not to vote for funes. shame on arena, shame on all salvadorans who believe this hoax. i am definitely not an fmln parisan, but i am still giving my vote to funes in 2009!
Anonymous said…
Didnt the same thing happen in Peru 2 years ago? Their left party continually tried to distance themselves from Chavez and the campaign manager even went as far to insult him after they lost saying he costed them the election.

Who should anyone believe? When both sides are directly being influenced, as far as being funded is a quetionable debate, by foriegn countries, what can the people beilive. Saca is a hypocrit but how much longer can the FMLN deny what many view as obvious. And which influence is the lesser of 2 evils, the US or Venezuela?
Bosque said…
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Bosque said…
Honestly, I would try to pick the best candidate based on what I know about him and what he says he will do about the problems in El Salvador.

I don't think I would worry so much about Chavez or Bush.

Here is the Salvadoreños chance to be sovereign, masters of your own destiny. Forget the "influence" pick who YOU think will make the best President for El Salvador.
Anonymous said…
I think that we all agree that ARENA is having a lot of problems lately, both from within and with the mayority of the people in El Salvador. I am sure that Chavez will try to influence the elections in El Salvador, that is his style, but that is not an excuse for ARENA to lose the coming elections. They will lose the elections this time because of their own faults and lack of touch with the needs of the people.
Anonymous said…
Chavez is outside the framework of an already failed ARENA government of the last 20 yrs. The people do not want ARENA, they have one of their own bread and spread in El Salvador-Mauricio Funes. And so what if Chavez helps, has not the U.S. financed the founding of Arena to create terroristic groups such as MANO BLANCO deathsquads in the past? Salvadorans now see the hipocrisy of it all. and hell, maybe gas will be reduced to 10 cents a gallon instead of 5 puta dolares.
Anonymous said…
the main thing that peeps never analyze is that the RIGHT WING that promotes this ILEGAL IMMIGRATION FEAR and Propoganda in the U>SA, are directly causing Latin America to go to the LEFT because of this hatemongering Xenophobia. woot Thanks Republicanos!
Anonymous said…
It doesnt really matter where the money come from at least they are saying where it comes from , i dont care if is from chavez, hey USA has create this non sense wars all around the world including ours in el salvador with out a reason, now usa is scared because venezuela is waking up latin america to see the truth.
Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
ARENA has manipulated abused and ignored the people in the rural areas for decades. now is the time for change.