Sights to see in El Salvador

During this week of vacations in El Salvador, I'd like to hear from readers of the blog about their recommended sights to see in El Salvador. Click on "comments" below to add your favorite sights -- famous or hidden away, majestic or quirky. I'd particularly like to hear from you who live in El Salvador about sights the occasional visitor is likely to miss.

David Mejia has a new website in English celebrating treasured places and things of El Salvador called SV Days.


Anonymous said…
I just like to say that I do like you blog about el salvador. I have visited meself the country I certainly agree with you in many issues. Wonder place to visit, and nice and friendly people.
Anonymous said…
el imposible o juayua... o lo tipico: la playa (casi cualquiera)
Anonymous said…
the beaches are nice, but we like the mountains here. El Pital is pretty, but you need 4 wheel drive to get there. Cerro Verde is another beautiful place up in the mountains, but may still be closed
due to it´s proximity to the Santa Ana volcano. We enjoy the climate change by driving up into the mountains, and also the pine trees and the clean air. It´s amazing what a difference an hour´s drive can make.
Anonymous said…
We just got back from El Imposible Hostal and Park. It was very nice and amazingly free of trash, the first true ecotourism with solar power and on site human waste processing we have seen here. I hope that more of the country follows its lead before all the natural recourses are lost.
The museums in the city are also worth a visit if you have a few hours spare.
Hodad said…
Los Chorros used to be one of my favs as I lived on 14 in santa Tecla and could go down for some laps many days by Bike or bus, I assume it is still closed
getting ready to head back and do full on tourism
we have a ciber cafe in Miramonte on Avenida Bernal, by restaurante Vista Hermosa near Colegio Medico
Please support Max, as he is good guy, and we will let you know of future updates as we continue with our development for some eco tourism with our various locations under development, at Zunzal, Ilopongo and an alternative typico food restaurant on El Boqueron
feel free to e me and send your fav pix of El Sal and I will post on our site
Peace and Love to all
Miguel [Senor Pescado}
Anonymous said…
If you are interested in the arts, I would recommend the museum David J. Guzman. It has some of the most valuable artifacts from our ancestors and our history, and since I'm a musician, I would recommend you go there just to take a look a the last guitar owned by one of the greatest classical guitarists and composers of all times: Agustin Barrios Mangore.
Anonymous said…
If you're looking to stay at a really nice place on the beach for night or two, I'd highly recommend Casa de Mar. It's a bit pricey at $90/night - $150/night, but it's as nice or nicer than places I've visited in Australia and Hawaii. The best part is that the people are the best part of the place. If you go, please be sure to tell them Jeff and Stephanie said to say hello! The restaurant adjacent to the hotel, Cafe Sunzal, has some fantastic seafood too in addition to an amazing view of the waves and beach.
Anonymous said…
I lived in El Salvador and now I live in Houston; but to me one of the most relaxing places to enjoy a wonderful afternoon has to be "El Lago de Coatepeque". It is a complete experience in contact with nature. Another place is Apaneca, between Santa Ana and Sonsonate. It's a small town in the mountains surrounded by extensive coffee plantations. If you get to Apaneca, you must stop by "los chorros de Juayua" - just beautiful. Don't forget the beaches...
David said…
Hey Tim, sorry for not comment here, I hadn't seen this post, I found it in google when I typed my name :) .

If somebody has a great picture about El Salvador to share with all the bloggers, please post me a comment in whichever post.

Thanks, your blog is very very good.