El Salvador is hiring Rudy Giuliani

The announcement was made yesterday that El Salvador's government will retain former mayor of New York City Rudy Giuliani as a consultant on how to combat the serious crime problem in the country. The decision to hire Giuliani is described as the first agreement reached by Salvador Sanchez Ceren's Council on Citizen Security and represents one of the first agreements reached between private business interests and the government.   The cost of hiring Giuliani's expensive consulting firm will be borne by business and not by the government.

Giuliani has previously been retained as a  high profile security consultant on crime in Mexico and Guatemala.        


Ned Hamson said…
Wish this was satire but it is not - it is an indictment of how foolish some must be to hire Giuliani who is best known for reducing crime by using police to intimidate people of color in NYC. Crime went down mainly because those most involved with crime were getting older and wiser and less involved with crime. Sorry that El Salvador will be wasting its time and money.
Unknown said…
ANEP will be footing the bill of what many here in san salvador is calling now a "refrito" a re-fried report of what we already know but again ANEP is looking to validate a "zero tolerance" measure from a "guru" from the North to implement a "mano dura" in steroids and of course we have an election in about less than 80 days .
this will be easiest $5mill dollars Guiliani is going to make for a copy and paste fiasco report similar to the ones in Guatemala and Honduras.
Our gang-crime problem in El Salvador has its roots in our still social inequality feudal system , while the richest of the rich get richer the rest of the population live on meager salaries expose to a rampant consumerism fueled by the neoliberal system we are living in .
Guanacos, why not look at how Nicaragua dealt and deals with their Mara phenomenon and then invest those $5mill in something better .