Fernando Llort responds to destruction of mural

Press conference video

With a quiet dignity, Fernando Llort made his first public statement about the destruction of his mural which had adorned the facade of the Metropolitan Cathedral. He spoke of the facade as the greatest work of his life and the destruction of the mural as the greatest sadness of his life.

Llort says he accepts the apology of the archbishop and respects the church and its hierarchy. But despite that, he was still left with a deep pain and many questions. He repeated that this public work belonged not to him, or to the church, but to all Salvadorans.

Llort had three requests.

First, he requested that the church make a full and complete explanation of its study and reasons for destroying the mural rather than restoring it.

Second, he asked that there be greater recognition in El Salvador of the value and respect due for the work of Salvadoran artists and artisans.

Third, he asked that the church return to him the rubble from the tiles removed from the facade so that he could create a new art work in homage to Salvadoran artisans.


Rip said…
This morning on the radio in San Salvador, there was an interview with Fernando Llort. He began to explain his sadness and displeasure with the decision to remove his works from the cathedral, and the interview was suddenly removed from the air. The people with whom I've spoken here believe the interview was censored.
Dennys said…
Shocking, I cant believe the mural was tear apart. Happy new year!
emptycan said…
So, were any of his three requests answered???
universe876 said…
It saddens me to hear that a masterpiece of Fernando Llort has been destroyed superficially and without any real reason. I think that the work of Fernando, one of the most popular Salvadorans artists in the world, is a work of art and thought, aimed at peace, serenity and let the world know the true spirit of El Salvador. A country which, through the work in art of Fernando, may announce its colors, scents and traditions, to the whole World thanks to Fernando Llort. Therefore I hope, that those who have decided to destroy this work of art will revise their decision, and apologise for what they did, not only to Fernando, but to the entire community.