Meet up in El Salvador

I'll be in San Salvador all next week. If any readers of the blog want to meet up with me, I'll be at La Ventana Cafe on Friday, November 26, starting at 4:30 pm. La Ventana is located at 83 av.Norte # 510 con 9a calle Poniente. Frente a Plaza Palestina. Colonia Escalón. I'd love to meet you.


Mads Beyer said…
Hey Tim
Sounds great. We would love too meet you.
I currently work at a training centre for international volunteers and activists called Global Platform and my girlfriend is a Danish journalist. We both use your blog for keeping updated on various issues in the country.

Furthermore I am currently searching for a relevant case for a 4 month course on campaigning for social change here in El Salvador. The general theme should be "Hunger" or "HungerFree". Do you by any chance have any suggestions on campaignable issues in the country?

Mads Beyer
Hodad said…
I also wish I could be there, and as a fan and client of Paolo's since late 80's
La Ventana, I still go there a bit
but hard to get down just now, was shooting for next week, but Mom wants me here for Thanksgiving, as I was in ES last year for this, and also xmas, too cold here
see you sometime,. wish you would be there next week also
keep up the good work, and the positive on your blog God Bless El Salvador, Viva El Frente
and all gold miners leave NOW before I get there
ixa said…
waa? How long did it move from San Antonio Abad to Escalón?
closed blog said…
You’re great! I cannot see you because I am miles away but I hope to meet you one day. Great to see that you posted an invitation for a meet and greet.
George Fulmore said…
Where were you the last two years when I spent months in the country and was starved for interaction with "outsiders" spending time in El Salvador. I'm not there this winter. Too bad. Thanks for the offer just the same. I appreciate your efforts a great deal. God Bless.