Starbucks to open in San Salvador

Starbucks has announced that it will be opening its first coffee shop in Central America in San Salvador. The store is part of a plan to open locations throughout Central America. The locations in Central America will be operated under license agreements with Corporación de Franquicias Americanas (CFA). Starbucks and CFA will open the first coffee shop before year end in the Santa Elena residential zone in San Salvador. CFA operates franchises for several global brands in Central America including Kentucky Fried Chicken, Wendy's, China Wok and Pizza Hut.

A writer at had this to say about the news:
Unfortunately, the presence of Starbucks in El Salvador has a downside, which is the presence of just another multi-national corporation sending its profits out of the country. El Salvador's economy is dysfunctional and largely dependent on remittances from Salvadorans in the U.S. The presence of Starbucks in El Salvador does nothing to make the country more self-sufficient in food production which is a major challenge for the government, concerned individuals and companies doing business in El Salvador.

I'm no fan of the globalization of US consumer culture, but that writer's statement also needs to be balanced with the construction jobs for the Salvadorans who built the store, the jobs for the workers in the store, the portion of the store supplies which are purchased locally, etc.


Hodad said…
they will no0t have any biz, anyone going there is traitor to El Salvador and a slap in the face of
salvadorans, bad enough they are eating that crap food from this CSA, or whatever
and getting fat from the corn sugars in all that fast food,
that is also sad
And with the construction job over and the five employees making minimum, will they consider serving only locally grown fairly traded coffee? No, they will not. Great place to spend those remittances though-- how else could we afford it?
Griselda said…
I couldn't agree with you more!!

Unfortunately you will see a bunch of brainless asking for their Capuchino...
Rhina Corado said…
Americanization, globalization, the coffee taste bad to strong.
Random Man said…
These people are so ignorant Tim. All they do is complain and offer no solutions to the growth and development of the country. Ask them why haven't they opened a coffee shop themselves and they will fart away. Cowards, traitors are those that nag and don't do anything. Typical of Salvadorians, I guess, leaving off their family wages back in the states. To proud to take a job at Starbucks because the remittances are a better payof for the lazy. Cheers.