Pacific Rim survives first round in CAFTA arbitration

Pacific Rim, the Canadian mining company which wants to open a gold mine in El Salvador, survived an initial attempt to dismiss its lawsuit against the government of El Salvador. On Monday, August 2, 2010, the international arbitration tribunal hearing the claim issued a ruling on preliminary objections filed by the government of El Salvador to the complaint. The tribunal overruled the objections and will allow Pacific Rim to proceed to an evidence stage in the action. This was a preliminary procedural ruling -- the tribunal rules on whether Pacific Rim may pursue its claim by assuming all facts in the written complaint are true and considering only any other facts which are not disputed by the parties. The tribunal went to some length to explain that it was not ruling on the merits of Pacific Rim's claims, but only ruling that its written complaint contained sufficient allegations to proceed to the next phase which will include hearing witnesses and receiving evidence.

A complete copy of the decision is available here.


Hodad said…
this should be dropped for the health of this tribunal, and this fool law firm and it's joke of this so called professor and adviser at GW University
paid off idiot
what a joke these pac rim fools to illegally set up a Nevada corp to use CAFTA,
what the f**** does CAFTA have to do with this ,
all you gold miners leave El Sal NOW! as i have said before
all my 7000 fishermen need crab bait
you WILL all go away
habeus corpus
Griselda said…
This is totally a B**S***... How disappointing as I am reading more and more.... Our country faces a lots of challenges and now this!!!, what part of "our communties DO NOT WANT PACIF RIM to running their business" they dont understand???? plus, demanding 77 million dollars and the legal fees for not give them the mining license!!..
humble_pie said…
do we detect a whiff of dry British humor a la judge Veeder when the tribunal writes that "it is alleged" that the GOES "induced and encouraged Pacific Rim ... to spend ... enormous resources ..."

what I want to know is, who-all did the inducing and encouraging.
Fransica Pineda said…
Is that a threat from Senor Pescado? This is the mentality of most of the anti-mining people I have seen in El Salvador! He should be arrested for this! How can their be progress here if people act like this!
Griselda said…
Marcelo Rivera was murdered for his anti-mining views, as others.
All of this because of proctecting what is left in Las Cabañas communities, NATURAL RESOURCES, water.
and somehow some people think we should be happy for how this mining companies deliver "community development"
Seriously... YOU SHOULD LIVE HERE MY DARLYING to understand how WE ARE TRIED of exchaning mirrors for gold!!!
Fransica Pineda said…
Marcel Rivera was murdered because of his sexual activities with a underage person. Everyone in the community knows this! The anti-mining people are using this tagedy for their political advantage. There story is simply not true!
Hodad said…
pineda is most likely paid off CIA or pac rim loony

not a threat a promise

want to meet and discuss any time, be glad to take you fishing, whoever you are

and where are you, you hide

and obviously have not a clue or care for future water resources in El salvador,
must be canadian or CIA dope head as I said

so, want to meet and discuss in person
anytime, preferably at La Libertad

arrest me, good try

and which anti mining people have you met? I doubt not one,

progress, is made by those with heart in El Salvador
not pure greed
those in the past are being brought to task for their past
you really want to insult 10,000 fishermen/women in El Salvador?
not very smart
for greedy gold miners
and any and all that think gold brings glamour
only good for make to make analog connections coatings, if kept clean

especially when it seems over 90% of folks in ES do not want gold mines . they are not stupid as you seem to think

how about your drink some water with cyanide and arsenic in it

do i spend time and money to get your exact location? not hard

been on puters since 1973, got lots of friends that can find you in about 10 minutes

go home and keep your uninformed greedy rants to your self