Suspects in activist murder captured

Two weeks ago, I wrote about the disappearance of Salvadoran activist Marcelo Rivera. Rivera's body was subsequently found at the bottom of a well. According to a La Prensa Grafica article yesterday, four suspects have now been arrested in the disappearance and murder of Rivera. A fifth is already in prison for other crimes. According to the LPG article, the suspects and Rivera were drinking together when they got into a "discussion" which led to Rivera's death.

Marcelo Rivera was a social activist and FMLN party member who had been involved in criticizing fraud in the recent elections in San Isidro and opposing the gold mining activities of Pacific Rim. The explanation of these suspects' involvement in the crime is not going to satisfy those who believe that his death was a result of his political views and actions.


Gatofilo said…
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Gatofilo said…
Of course we all honest citizens lament the violent and senseless deaths of so many people here in El Salvador. but we must understand that El Salvador is among the most violent and crime ridden societies in the Americas. This is a country where on average, 12 persons are murdered every day!

The murders, the drugs, the money laundering and the petty criminals actually rule the country. The can establish curfews at will, and extort monies for businesses and private citizens with absolute impunity. No one can feel safe on the streets of El Salvador.

Central American countries are extremely poor, which makes them easy pickings for the nefarious leaders of the criminal underworld. For a few dollars, or a few dollars more, they can move in and control a country by simply pulling a few strings.

As citizens, the people should be very concerned that criminals run free and that the crime wave has become like an unstoppable tsunami inundating the entire Salvadoran society.

Up to now, the government has proposed disarming the populace in certain most dangerous areas. But we all know that criminals will not turn-in their guns that's why they are criminals. And criminals love a defenseless victim. An unarmed and defenseless victim is the answer to their motto, "Dios Provee."

It's easy to suppose that the people passing these laws are temselves armed to the teeth with ultra modern and fully automatic KH-MP5's or carry concealed high capacity semi autos.

Are their lives worth more than yours, they apparently think so.
Gatofilo said…
As the dialog in Costa Rica drags on for the second uneventful day, President Micheletti returned to Honduras to attend to the official business of his office.

I can now visualize Zelaya in his pijamas, bottle and teddy bear in hand saying woefully, "Ohhh, I feel so lonely, so frustrated and sad when my sugar daddy, Hugo Chavez, isn't holding my hand and telling me what to do."

How sad, yet Zelaya continues sobbing,"I feel so alone, so abandoned, Boo hooo.

And I bet that nasty Micheletti is letting everybody play with my toys too. Hugo, Hugito... where are you when I need you so much!"

Mommy, daddy.... where are you...
Unknown said…
School of the Americas trained officers/criminals in the Honduran Armed Forces (who sponsored the illegal coup) and the Salvadoran Armed Forces (many of whom have not been brought to justice for crimes against humanity and war crimes in the Salvadoran Civil War, and provide the backdrop for the culture of impunity to the "crime wave") should be tried for their crimes and jailed.

Gatofilo's paternalistic and patronizing rhetorical bombast, is an interesting artifact of ad hominem attack, specious facts, and illogical thinking, but what can you expect from all appearances former U.S. Jarheads and CIA-types?
humble_pie said…
What do gato's 2 posts have to do with the murder of Marcelo Rivera.

By all accounts Rivera was never, ever a young man who would go drinking with a pod of mareros.

So I think those who say this was a political abduction-killing are right.

It's a horrifying tragedy. Could we please show respect. Could we please offer condolences to those who knew him, compassion to those who are saddened to hear the news.
Gatofilo said…
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Gatofilo said…
In response to Humble.pie:

I’m truly sorry about your friend and extend my condolences, but let’s remember that in a country where violence runs rampant, and where the authorities themselves admit to their incompetence to control the surging crime wave, any murder or criminal act committed with impunity constitutes a slap in the face to all honest and democratic loving persons in this world.

Although this reasoning may be beyond your comfort level of intellect and comprehension, you must at least understand that the ongoing surge of killings, kidnappings and violence affect all people everywhere, and as these terrible atrocities continue, they also imply and demonstrate an absolute disregard for mankind and for life itself.

Let's also not forget that the tragedy of your Salvadoran friend, is at the same time the ongoing tragedy of all people living in a country where there are between twelve and thirteen Marcelo Rivera's murdered every single day of every single year.

The way to show the respect for the dead as you propose is for the living to show some respect for the living, and let the dead concern themselves for the dead...
Gatofilo said…
To friend John, above Post,

This great nation of ours supports your right to expose to the world your banal nonsense and gibberish.

Fear not, these colors never run.