El Salvador health statistics

The comments on my recent post about the Millennium Challenge Account spun off into questions about El Salvador's health care system. These questions are important as Mauricio Funes comes into office saying he is going to increase the amount of spending on healthcare, particularly for the poor and alter the way healthcare resources are distributed. To assist in the discussion, here are some of the most recent statistics from the World Health Organization:

StatisticEl SalvadorAmericas Avg.
% children dying before age 52.4%1.9%
Measles immunization 98%93%
Maternal mortality per 100,00017099
Access to improved drinking water84%94%
Access to improved sanitation86%87%

Life expectancy in El Salvador:
1990 - 58 years for men, 69 years for women
2000 - 67 years for men, 74 years for women
2007 - 68 years for men, 75 years for women

In 2007, the average life expectancy for men in the Americas was 73 years and 78 for women.

Health expenditures in El Salvador were 6.0% of gross domestic product in 2006, for which 61.8% was from government spending and 38.2% from private sources.

El Salvador generally measured better than other countries in Central America on these health measures, other than Costa Rica. El Salvador was generally lower on the statistics than both Cuba and the United States.

I do have one unanswered question about these statistics. The reports lists El Salvador's population as 6.8 million, when the population reported by the 2008 census was less than 6 million. Using a smaller population as a denominator would cause many of these statistics to look worse.


Anonymous said…
The Health Care related statistics presented by our friend, Tim, definitely and with shadow of doubt are a negative mark for the past ARENA administrations that have held the reins of power in El Salvador for more than twenty consecutive years. These numbers harbor a shameful trajectory of mismanagement in areas of national importance as are Health Care, Environmental Protection that include enhancement programs to protect the entire uncontrolled ravaging of the Salvadoran Ecological System. It becomes clear that the "change" that Pres. Obama campaigned on in the U.S. is the same "change" that is needed in El Salvador and in so many countries. Entrenched and rigid systems tend to become stagnant and dormant, and periodic change is clearly the answer. El Salvador should be applauded for the demonstration of civil maturity shown by all during this recently past energized campaign. Of course, the new administration will be faced with unimagined difficulties and limitations and the entire country needs to form behind its new leaders and find the way into the twenty first century. During his first days in office, Funes will be enjoying a well earned honeymoon, but all too quickly he will need to understand that the sweet taste of victory is the burden of responsibility. The people of course demand, but can he deliver. One thing is to campaign and promise, quite another is to implement and deliver. There's little doubt that the opposition is more fun.
Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
Tim, anyway to keep the racists off the blog, or would that be infringing their speech rights? Hate speech should be suppressed, in my view.
Salvi_Alchemist said…
Wow, I haven't visited the blog in a week and a half and its come to this?

On every recent report Ive found on El Salvador's population, they all seem to use that 7 million statistic. I don't know why though. Its been well over a year since the census was figured.
Anonymous said…
The very interesting statistics that Tim presents here seem to be right in line with other third-world nations in their various stages of development. Without doubt, there is always room for improvement and we are not the exception. As has been demonstrated by our own President Obama's emphasis on Universal Health Care to include all of our citizens. I personally don't prescribe to the concept of health for profit, and believe that we as the leader of the free world must remain steadfast in our common pursuit of health and happiness that has become the envy of the world.
Anonymous said…
I cannot ever agree with any form of censorship. We have created here in America a land that respects our people's right to freedom of thought, freedom of speech and freedom of expression. The ultimate expression of our hard won freedom, from Lexington and Concord, and to our beloved Stars Spangled Banner has been the resonance of gunfire. We won our freedom, and we are not subject to any tin horn dictator or foreign prince or monarch. We are no longer subject, but rather we are citizens of a free country that is the envy of the world. When others who may be languishing in ignorance or poverty have reached out for our help, they always seem to find their way to our shores. America the great, love it or leave it.
Anonymous said…
two things:
1. Yes, the health statistics would be much, much, much worse if they use the current census data, which, according to the official figures (El Salvador Ministry of Economy) is 5,744,113. For reference, please see a La Prensa Grafica article http://www.laprensagrafica.net/nacion/1056295.asp
This census has been disputed, largely on the basis that it revealed a much lower population than was expected. I participated as an observer in the census, and I can assure you these people went everywhere.
These results would also have the effect of drastically increasing the homicide rate. Another reason the census results were so strongly challenged was that they have the effect of changing political demographics involved with political parties.

Item 2: I've always been impressed with this blog, and it would be a shame if random, racist A-holes like Mr. White Power ruined it. White Power and Racism bullshit have plenty of other forums. Free speech has nothing to do with it.
Anonymous said…
To the above Posting: One moment there, friend, I would hope that everyone here understands that personal opinions are inherently bias. Although perhaps subtle, but people always and in one way or another will pull in the direction they feel is most favorable to their views and interests. Understand, friend, that all opinions expressed in this great country of ours are valid because they represent different segments of our society as a whole. Pluralism is what defines us as the great nation we are,"E Pluribus Unum." Don't forget it, it's an important concept to understand if you are to understand us. Accordingly, your views also matter and are as valid to us as those of the next guy. We don't live in a land of censorship with an official and predetermined government line that everyone must blindly follow or end-up in jail or even worse. Remember that we got rid of.G. W. Bush and his philosophy of "My way or the highway" because that isn't us. So please, feel welcome but live and let live, express your thoughts and let others express theirs. Respect so that you may be respected. And keep in mind that your ideas are just as important to us as those of the next guy. Now, if you are still critical of this Blog or don't like it, why don't you start your own. Simple. I follow Tim's Blog the way it is because I like it that way. OK?
Tim said…
As you can tell, I take a pretty hands off approach to the comments on the blog. But I reserve the right to delete items which are offensive, and a comment which was only racist drivel meets that test. If you don't like it, start your own blog.

To all you other comment writers -- trying to stay on topic would be a good thing, although I won't delete a post for going off topic unless it is spam. The other thing which would improve the readability of the discussion is for you to give yourself a name for your posts. That way we can follow who is responding to whom and it might start to resemble a conversation.

I'm not sure what prompted this sudden batch of commenting, but it's fine with me as long as you are attacking each other's ideas and not attacking the person.
Salvi_Alchemist said…
I dont post regularly, and even when I disagreed with E-V, who hasnt posted in a long time, and some others, I'd never actually write anything.

I dont know if you're referring to me Tim, but what I meant was the sudden influx of poster's who write those racist comments and the influx of posters who don't identify themselves. I wasn't directing criticism to your blog itself. Thats not what I meant.
Anonymous said…
"The ultimate expression of our hard won freedom, from Lexington and Concord, and to our beloved Stars Spangled Banner has been the resonance of gunfire."

There you have it. For the next 125 years, Genocide was commited on the northamerican native american population.

At least the beneficiary of murder ("We won our freedom") admits murder was the method by which power/freedom was attained to express his/her opinion.
john said…
Tim, good point about leaving names on the post. But in practice, that results a bit difficult, since most posters fail to identify themselves. And even if they did identify themselves, there is no guarantee of continuity of identify. Unknown posters tend to coalesce, or change voice in postings, so in an argument exchange, it is unclear which post is referenced, and who the exchangers are. That is a dilemma this sort of discourse falls prey to, apparently.

Here's a guantlet throw-down: Yo, Everybody, listen up!: Identify yourselves next time you post, so we can better follow the thread of the conversation...Please!

For purposes of civility, argument, coherence, and clarity.

Thank you all:-)
Anonymous said…
"There you have it. For the next 125 years, Genocide was commited on the northamerican native american population"

OMG you really are an ignoramous, aren't you! Lexington and Concord were confrontations between the American Colonialists and the British Red Coats. FYI that was the Revolutionary War. But then, why do I waste my time on morons.

Oh, and another bit of news for you, I guess you haven't realized that what you call "native american population" were peoples who displaced those before them. It's all just one big merry-go-round all over the world. But silly ideologues like you, like to take a snap-shop of history and run with it as if you had discovered the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. Mankind is corrupt and greedy by nature and you're right there in the middle of it. But take comfort in the fact that everyone is stupid, ...just of different topics. You're problem is not realizing your own limitations. Try being a patriot to your ideals and go to Cuba and cut some sugarcane at the next zafra.
Anonymous said…
Tim, I agree with your comment completely, and I want to take this moment to congratulate you on a fine Blog. I have been following your interesting themes for a long time, even during my frequent travels. I enjoy the different points of view even the one's I may think foolish. At least these serve to reassure me that I'm not alone in this, our ship ship of fools.
Anonymous said…
Oh my, oh my, oh my, what a post!

And you state: "At least the beneficiary of murder ("We won our freedom") admits murder was the method by which power/freedom was attained to express his/her opinion"

In response: First of all, check-out the definition of murder in the dictionary, then look-up the work "imbecile" in the encyclopedia. By doing so, you can look forward to learing something, and I'm pretty sure you'll be surprised to find a familiar face with strong family traits when you do. Get on with it.
El-Visitador said…
Tim, why compare to Cuba?

Cuba was, two generations ago, the second richest country in Latin America. Most of its health and life expectancy statistics were on par with the Europe of that time.

El Salvador cannot be compared to Cuba. Historically, ES has been a backwater since time immemorial, and extremely poor.

The comparison you make to Central America is a lot more apropos. In particular, note our little backwater is better off than the former capital of Guatemala and certainly much better off than Nicaragua and Honduras.

Not to say that there isn't a lot of misery caused by unbridled government intervention in all areas of the economy, but come on. We could be a lot worse off.
Anonymous said…
Don't mind the plagiarism, OK, Pero estoy de acuerdo que mientras los tres presidentes anteriores a Tony Saca (Cristiani, Calderon Sol y Flores) promovieron reformas diseñadas para instituir la igualdad bajo la ley, que hizo mucho para reforzaron la libertad económica y de crecimiento en el pais, Tony Saca se ha destacado como el total opuesto a esos ejemplares esfuerzos. Talvez lo que si se le puede atribuir a Saca a sido su garantia y apoyo a la libertad de expresion en el pais, y eso no es decir poco. Hoy vamos con Funes es esa pacotilla izquierdista. Sera interesante ver como nos va, pues si llegara a faltar Funes tengo mis dudas.
Anonymous said…
El problema nunca a sido Funes, el problema radica en el caso que Funes llegara a faltar. En ese funesto acontecimiento, tomara al poder el geriatrico FMLN que nunca, jamas, hubiera llegado a la presidencia si no fuese por Mauricio Funes. ESE ES EL REAL PROBLEMA, y esa culpa la lleva Tony Saca.
Tim said…

I compared to Cuba because there was a lot of discussion about Cuban healthcare in the Millennium Challenge post comments. That being said, Cuba is no longer anything like the richest country in Latin America, but has produced good health outcomes (and trains many doctors who practice in El Salvador).

I agree with you that the relevant comparison is with the other countries in Central America, and that El Salvador generally does better than its neighbors other than Costa Rica (subject to my caveat about the population stats). But there is no reason we can't hope for better.
Anonymous said…
Hey Everyone. There's a great tool to look at statistics of El Salvador and any other country over time and in comparison to others in its region or the world. The website is gapminder.org. There's a video on the website TED that shows Hans Rosling demonstrating its use. The video itself is very worth watching. http://www.ted.com/talks/hans_rosling_shows_the_best_stats_you_ve_ever_seen.html
Anonymous said…
oops, didn't paste correctly.
It's http://www.ted.com/
Anonymous said…
Tim, let me reassure you that El Salvador has always been seen by the other countries of the region as, "La Pura Crema y Nata de Centro America". Un taxista en Managua me dijo una vez mientras conversabamos y el me conducia al hotel, "El ejercito de El Salvador puede desayunar en Guatemala, almorzar en Honduras, y cenar aqui en Nicaragua". What could I say, I just looked at him and smiled.

As for any comparisions with Cuba, what actually should be compared are the Cubans themselves. We have the Cubans who are stuck on the Island, and we have those who have fled to South Florida.

Anonymous said…
These loony leftist who love moaning and groaning and blaming others for their incompetence always seem to come here to the US, there hated nemesis. They talk all the time about the marvels of Communist Cuba but they don't go there instead. They just keep coming to the US. Just seems kinda contradictory, don't you think. We definitely need to put up better defenses to protect our borders and keep these undesirables out.
Jorge said…
Wow, how does a blog about 'ES's Health care statistics' turn into a blog about racism and keeping illegal aliens out of the US.....
I sense that there are a lot of unresolved feelings that people have, which they are willing to express at any given opportunity!
Anonymous said…
To the previous comment:

I guess the obvious response to your question is that all countries have the obligation to protect their national sovereignty and their borders. We are a land of laws, and withing those laws, we have devised fair rules equitable immigration quotas for entry into our great country. Although we have set rules and norms, there those few undesirables who do not respect or abide by any law, but these cretins seems to thing that our laws do not apply to them, and they persist in sneaking across our borders in detriment of those honest immigrants who do follow the rules. So, regarding your question, it's as complicated as it is simple. The U.S. welcomes all immigrants who come here obeying and respecting the terms of our laws, but we cannot accept illegals who break our laws and who are only concerned with their perceived rights and come here to take advantage of our charity, our heal care, our education and our unique and overflowing good will to all mankind.

Paul Aparcio
Anonymous said…
Yeah, and even commies wanna get into the USA when they could just float tht over to Cuba instead. But then, I guess even the commies arent at dumb as they like to sound.
Anonymous said…
Yeah you're right about that. Listen, pal, I personally know a commie who put a puzzle together in two days, when on the box it send "from 5 to 8 years." He was just so proud of himself!
Jorge said…
Hi Paul (and the comment below that).

I understand that one has to protect their borders from illegal immigrants. But that still does not answer my question. How does a blog about Health statistics in ES turn into a racist slander about 'commies' and Cuban's? like I said before it seems that people will take any opportunity to blame illegal immigrants for their countries problems... that's all.
Anonymous said…
with each commie take over in corruption ridden Latin America, guess where the masses will be headed to. When that entire populations heads our way, everything else becomes irrelevant!

The problem isn't health care or even poverty. Those countries has been the showcase of poverty from before the Spanish conquest. Fact is that these are poor countries, but we can't accept them all and just leave quasi commie rulers in their homelands playing their hero, Fidel Castro and wearing military style fatigues and puffing on Cuban cigars.
Anonymous said…
You got that right, Paul my man. Semper Fi, pal.
Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
Let's hope the if Cuba sends doctors to Salvador, that they won't start asking for political asylum after they taste a little freedom. Let remember that in Salvador, people can move around freely, they can access the Internet freely, and can live life as they like, and their kids can study and learn to be what they like, Etc. Remember, you definitely don't need to sneak off in an inner tube to leave the country and try your luck in the U.S.A. But the biggest reason is that you don't have governming elite dictating your every thought and your every move.

Little wonder that Cubans want to get our of their island hell hole, even risking it all in shark infested waters because they yearn for freedom. I know; been there, done that.

Felix Rodriguez
Anonymous said…
Hey Felix, a major factor of the Salvadoran Civil War?: Campesinos couldn "move around" freely because they had there land taken away from them to plant export crops where they were paid "una miseria."

When the "campesinos" were blown away by BIRIS and former CIA-thugs (like you?) they decided to immigrate to pick broccoli in South Texas: marginally less dangerous.
Anonymous said…

The latest about U.S. "counter-insurgency doctrine"? Same-old, same-old.

U.S. involved in extra-judicial, and mass killings? Deja vu, Felix:

The United Nations Special Rapportur:

UN Rapporteur Calls for Probe of US Killings Abroad

"A top UN official is calling for a probe into the killings of innocent civilians by US forces and private contractors. Philip Alston, the UN’s Special Rapporteur on extrajudicial, summary or arbitrary executions, said many US military strikes, shootings and drone attacks have killed scores of people without any accountability.

Philip Alston: “The government has failed to effectively investigate and punish lower-rank soldiers for such deaths and has not held senior officers responsible under the doctrine of command responsibility. Worse, it has effectively created a zone of impunity for private contractors and civilian agents by only rarely investigating and prosecuting them.”

Alston says the US should establish a national commission of inquiry and appoint a special prosecutor to investigate the killings of innocents abroad."
Anonymous said…
Well, well, isn't war hell!. But then, let's not forget that the purpose of war is to neutralize the enemy and break things. While the objective of war is to convince the other guy to die for his country.

I love it that we have the most powerful armed forces the world has ever known. And if a flea happens to bite us, we simply smile and show restraint because we are top dog, the top of the food chain and that's why the world wants to come to our sacred shores. You people included. We know your innermost secrets.

You see, by the simple act of you physically being here, that says it all. Obviously you're not as stupid as the things you write for the ignorant masses to digest.

An important rule of thumb for you not to forget is that he who has the gold makes the rules. Oh, and regarding that long forgotten Salvadoran civil war you keep bringing up, it was irrelevant then, as it's irrelevant now.

What I find most amusing about that Mickey Mouse war was that when the peace accords were signed, the ERP commander "Atilio" made off with the FMLN war chest. He took it all, all the ill gotten monies from every kind of criminal endeavors imaginable. This is the same guy who murdered his Pal, Roque Dalton, and latter excused himself by saying that it was "simply errors of youth." Wow, what a guy! I hear that "Atilio" now lives the life of a gentleman with his wife and family, and that he like to dabbles as a political critic.

Isn't that amusing... Like the saying in spanish goes, "Cada camaron tiene su sacador."

Felix Rodgriguez
Ulisses de San Pablo Tacachico said…

Your patent cynicism, paternalism, imperial mind-set, and "might-makes-right" ethics are revolting.

Thus, unending rebellion against your pernicious ideology.
Anonymous said…
Cuba has good health care and everybody supposedly knows how to read.

I'm guessing from the waves of Cubans that come over here, that they use the health care system to get srong enough to row their inner tubes across the Florida Staits, and of course they need to read so they can follow a compass and read the nautical maps.

So, aside for Cuban health care and reading instruction, there isn't much to stay there for. If there was, then why do they all want to risk their lives cominng over here in flimsy float tubes and rafts.

Poor pitiful people. Been there, done that.

Felix Rodriguez
Anonymous said…
Felix, I'm sure you are right.....

I'm sure that's why all the world has a Health System, its so that we are strong enough to row to the US shores!! Cos' that's what its all about... Living in America!

I'm sure Cuban's want to abandon their award winning Health System to go to the US (cos' their welfare system is so much better???)

I am not sure if you are writing this blasphemy to stir things up, but I can assure you that there are other countries out there, that are on par (if not better off) than the US....Not everyone is trying to get into the US. Some people want to get out!!
Baltazar de Alegria said…

""Atilio" made off with the FMLN war chest. He took it all, all the ill gotten monies from every kind of criminal endeavors imaginable."

1) Proto-FMLN organizations in the late 1970s held members of the Poma and Borgonovo clans as a strike against El Salvador's landed aristocracy and their repressive army and security forces. Funds secured were reinvested in an alternative security force that better protected most rural-dweller's interests.

2) How did Villalobos get to England? I suggest you ask the U.N.s Alvaro de Soto, who might have set aside monies from the UN's "reintegration fund" for Villalobos to do course work at Oxford (finding himself thrown in with Columbia's current president).

3) As for what happened to the 1970s funds? By 1992 the exhaustion of funds as well as other types probably had set in; there certainly was no million dollar a day hand out like the FAES and their top officers had received in blood money from the US throughout the war.

For the FMLN's part, I believe no one was running off with cash because there wasn't any, as there shouldn't have been.