Rescue commandos

Wherever there is a natural or man-made disaster in El Salvador, the Comandos de Salvamento, "Rescue Commandos," are sure to be there. With their yellow uniforms with the green cross, these volunteers provide emergency services throughout the country. From the Commandos' website:
Comandos de Salvamento is a Salvadoran humanitarian institution whose mission is to save the lives of people due to consequences of mother nature or of man, regardless of race, religion, or political creed.

The context of our work includes, but is not limited to: vehicular accidents, search and recovery,homicides,assaults, earthquakes,flooding,hurricanes, fires, and war.

Read more about this organization at website which has an English language translation and many photos and much more information.

Note from Tim: I will be traveling for the next two weeks and probably not blogging. Posts will resume again in the beginning of May.


Hodad said…
yes, these folks are amazing
they have big balls. I know was there for Mitch and the 2001 quakes as one of the first to arrive at Las Colinas to try to start digging[could only cry]

they showed up and got to the tasks, even lost a few in the second quake one month and one day later when they were digging
kudos to these folks
real heroes in El Salvador
Viva El Frente
Viva Cambio
Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
I'm Mark and did the website.
They are 2nd family.
for more Colinas, see my photodoc of recovery @

If anyone wants to volunteer ride along, bring 20 dollars cash (so they can fill up the tank)-CASH PRICEY

And talk to Edgar Johnny Ramos, Luis Collato, or Roberto Orlando Cortez Cruz for Permiso.