Pollo Campero expands in the U.S.

I admit it. I really like Pollo Campero chicken. So this is good news.

August 30, 2007 // Franchising.com // DALLAS – Pollo Campero has successfully opened two of its newest restaurants in Albany Park, Ill. and Hempstead, N.Y. Residents of both cities have eagerly awaited the Latin-inspired fried chicken concept and this July Pollo Campero answered their grumbling stomachs.

Both restaurants broke more records than many of the latest Pollo Campero openings. Hempstead served more than 15,000 people in the first week as well as 1511 chickens, 180 pounds of beans, 172 pounds of plantains and 1420 units of tostones.

Albany Park served nearly 4,000 pounds of chicken, 165 pounds of beans, 349 pounds of plantains, and 76 pounds of tostones while customers came back the first month to eat an overwhelming amount of chicken – 31,830 pounds to be precise!
Pollo Campero initiated its U.S. expansion in 2002 after selling three million "to go" orders through various Central American airport locations to travelers delivering duffle bags full of the chain's trademark chicken to stateside friends and relatives who craved the familiar flavor. Since its successful entry into the U.S., the chain has grown in popularity beyond its traditional Hispanic consumer base.


Anonymous said…
AWESOME! Who cares about transfats. Best durn fast food fried chicken around. Buy stock in the company now, because expansion in the US of A means big bucks.
Anonymous said…
mmm...that unmistakable aroma filling up airplane rides back from the motherland...good times! i saw "dallas" in the title and was hoping that one was opening out here... :(
Anonymous said…
lol...whoa, as dave chapelle so professionally put it, we may be genetically predisposed to like fried chicken. good for the pollo campero corporation, they're a success stories and good for the frachise owners as well. i don't think pollo campero is salvadoran though, the idea and its owners originated from guatemala i think.
but hey, good for them!
Anonymous said…
inner-self is correct. The company started in Guatemala:


I'm still waiting for my first tase, though.
Anonymous said…
Well Plano finaly got a POllo Campero,
I went for Lunch today 3-27-08 12:30pm, they realy need some work on the drive thrue.
It took me 20 minutes to get to the window, and their was 4 car in front of me.
wat's realy goin on, if your going to have drive tru in Plano TX 75093
where you get one our luch brake need to find away to make the flow easier. good chicken, I will try the service inside another day.
One thing i do know if it improves it will run Popeyes Chinken that its' next to them out of bussines.