Sightseeing with Google Satellite Maps

Here's an interesting website that has collected links to satellite images of well-known locations in El Salvador:


El-Visitador said…
That airport sat photo is rather sad... the military airbase buildings are too close to the private aviation strip (which is no longer used).

That means that whenever the lazy bums at CEPA finally get around building a second runway and associated taxiway system, they might face an ugly dilemma: building the runway away from the terminals (bad for the environment) or possibly demolishing one of the mil buildings at significant cost.

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Rafael Granados has another site dedicated to Salvadorean satellite photos.
Carlos X. said…
Very good E.V. The Granados site has the advantage of using the advanced toolset on Google earth to give some pretty good dimensional views. Ah, brave new world that hath such creatures in't!
David said…
Hi Tim, how are you. Thanks for these satellite pictures, they are nice.

Hey, I have to tell you that I had opened again my blog SV Days, with the Sights and Sceneries from El Salvador, now with versions of the posts in Spanish on

Good Bye, and have a nice Day