The Sao Paulo Forum and rallying for Social Peace

Two events this weekend gave the people of El Salvador forums to express their hopes for the future of the country. This weekend the 13th annual meeting of the Sao Paulo Forum took place in San Salvador. This annual event is a gathering of the political left from throughout Latin America and their supporters from other parts of the globe. Hosted this year by the FMLN, the final declaration of the Forum declared itself in steadfast oppostion to neoliberalism, colonialism, and imperialism, and expressed solidarity with the leadership of Hugo Chavez, Fidel Castro, and Evo Morales.

Across the city, on Saturday, the government sponsored a major rally and concert to inaugurate the start of 2007 as the Year of Social Peace. With musical acts, speeches from both political leaders and religious leaders, thousands waived flags and enjoyed the event.


Anonymous said…
The FMLN wasn't there, because it was a political act from ARENA.

Most people where there just to see Jose Luis Rodriguez (el puma ), and Alvaro Torres (singer from El Salvador).

Nice show from ARENA, but I wish they had spent the money they spent in that show in something more productive than just stupid propaganda for stupid people; people are tired of ARENA's lies, and as I said before, people went there just to see the artists, since it was a "free" show.
Anonymous said…
People are tired of ARENA's lies, but they still insist on falling for them!


It is actually depressing, but hey... Once a fool always a fool.

Fool me once, shame on me, fool me twice.. erg um, uhhh... aaah emrerm MORE shame on me? Fool me 1000x times? ...

When I go to vote in 2009, I'll expect to see people that currently are abandoned by the ARENA regime fervently sweat their ARENA t-shirts, swinging their flags, and spewing whatever is the 2009 catchphrase. Probably it'll be "Hacia el Camino de la Prosperidad Nacional!"

Un Gobierno Lleno de Paz y Amor.
Hodad said…
I love your sense of humour, but you are probably correct
sad but true
maybe Ortiz? someone other than the presemnt US puppets

Anonymous said…
By your "U.S. puppet" comment, you imply that potential political candidates which do not use cliche anti-american imperialist rhetoric are not credible and are sold-out to the corrupt U.S.?

I have been watching the foro de sao paulo's influence in south america and so far it has not impressed me as a positive influence. In fact, Chavez and his friends are a tremendous step backwards for genuine social progress and democracy. I prefer the idea of social progress built on principles and not personalities such populist demagogues which divide the people of their nations.

Leaders need to be concerned with serving their people and not their political parties.