Update on Solidarity Net

Solidarity Net is the program of president Tony Saca's government to provide subsidies of $30 to $40 per month to poor families with children. As the school year nears its end, La Prensa reports on government statistics that 95 percent of families are complying with their agreements to keep children in school and enrolled in health programs.

Some 18,540 families are receiving the small monthly subsidy in communities considered to be the poorest in the nation. Only 5% of families have suffered reductions in their subsidies for failure to comply with the covenant of co-responsibility which requires them to send their children to school and keep them enrolled in medical programs. Some $2.5 million has been transferred to families so far under the program.

The La Prensa article reports that while their have been solid increases in school attendance, the most significant impact has been in enrollment in local health units, where increases have been as much as 300%. Those increases are straining local resources, the paper reports.

Other aspects of the program, which included improved transportation, water and sanitation projects, are on hold by the government because the National Assembly has not approved the international borrowing necessary to fund the projects.


Anonymous said…
To be more precise, it is the FMLN that is blocking the loans in question
Anonymous said…
But they have a good reason, imo. They are asking to see records of WHERE THE MILLIONS OF DOLLARS OUR GOVERNMENT HAS ASKED IN LOAN has been invested in. Audits I believe it is called? Eitherway, with a corrupt government as our own, where corruption has been dominant on our former leaders and infests every private-public organization of our country... I believe their questions are only reasonable.

With the Millenium Account in check, though, one would have to wonder why such a huge amount of it is destined to road building, instead of public security and social programs. As usual, our rulers simply don't have their priorities straight (being double-crossing pigs, who can blame them?)
Anonymous said…
as has been said before in January, the black Caucus will be made aware of all the crap in ES and the fact that 99.9% of ALL salvos are thieves if you are a gringo
just how my experience is as a gringo,for 12 years of living there
so I will say again be aware gringos if you go to salvador and/or buy invest,travel all are thieves in ES so watch your stuff

yes, these loans and this MCC will be looked at seriously by the new Congress of the USA
as it needs to be and the campaign will be on for all people/taxpayers in US to know what bullshit is ES now with ARENAZI
unless there are changes,which is doubtful