Initial results -- a split electoral decision

As of 7:00 a.m. --- The race in San Salvador is still not settled with Violeta Menjivar holding a lead of less than 1% over Rodrigo Samayoa. Across the country, ARENA appears to have won 33 seats in the National Assembly versus 32 seats for the FMLN.


Anonymous said…
The right won the election. ARENA and PCN will have a simple majority. It's true that the administration will have to negotiate in order to get a 2/3 of the votes. We'll see how it goes. I'm glad people vote for progress, peace and liberty.
El-Visitador said…
Dear anonymous: I take exception to people referring to PCN as "the right".

PCN is the only party in ES without a philosophy. It does not stand for anything. It is just a vehicle for party members and followers to collect spoils from the State.

PCN associates itself with FMLN when it comes to subsidies for its constituency, or when it is time to have two people on payroll for each Assemblyman. PCN associates itself with ARENA whenever ARENA buys its vote, via commission chiefdoms or other privileges.

It is a travesty to call PCN a party of the right. If anything, they are a Statist party along the lines of the National Socialists of Germany or, better yet, today's Chinese Communist Party: a party whose only purpose is to maintain its leaders in power.
Anonymous said…
These elections are a very close race... It would be one of those ideal "photo finale" at the horse races. I still remember when Violeta Menjivar declared herself alcaldesa last night, just to have Samayoa do the same about an hour later. In my opinion, Rivas Zamora running for CD instead for FMLN, contributed to this close race HUGELY, because there were a large group of "leftist" that wanted NOT ARENA to win, but felt Zamora had done a good job as major and deserved another term. Unfortunately, in my opinion,in San Salvador people seem to pay more attention to the party than to the canditate, so I consider those votes for CD as "wasted", because those votes could've been for the FMLN in the long run. Lets see who will emerge victorious from the heat of battle.