Long life in El Salvador

La Prensa carried a story last week about Cruz Hernández, a woman who may be the oldest living woman on earth. She lives in San Agustí­n in Usulutan department. The Salvadoran registry of natural persons has reportedly verified the age of Cruz Hernández as 127 years, born in 1878. According to La Prensa, Cruz Hernández worked as a midwife until finally retiring at the age of 124. She has 178 descendants.

If true, Cruz Hernández would be more than a decade older than the woman recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records as the oldest living woman, 113 year old Hendrikje Van Andel-Schipper of the Netherlands.

When asked the secret of her longevity, Cruz Hernández told the paper that she does not bathe during the new moon. She advised that her diet included enjoying beer and meat.

The La Prensa report also states that the second-oldest Salvadoran is 120 years old, and that there are 151 Salvadoran centenarians.


The Gerontology Research Group which researches human longevity has real doubts about this report. Read their comments here.


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