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A new version is coming soon. Have any suggestions for books to add to the list? Use the comment feature on this page.


Unknown said…
Hi Tim,

I have a couple of other book suggestions:

"From Grandmother to Grandaughter: Salvadoran Women's stories." I actually read it in spanish, but loved it for giving the real life flavor of three generations of different classes of Salvadoran women. It was originally written in English.

Also Tina Rosenberg's "Children of Cain: Violence and the Violent in Latin America" to me was one of the most interesting books on the wars in Latin America and has a chapter on El Salvador.
Tim said…
Thanks Karina,
From Grandmother to Granddaughter is already on the list. I agree with you about hwo good it is. I'll have to check out Children of Cain.
Tom said…
Hey Tim! Great list. I'm not seeing one of my favorites on Oscar Romero: "Memories In Mosaic," by Maria Lopez Vigil
Healing the Body Politic by Sandy Smith-Nonini about health care and politics.
Jerome Derick said…
"From Grandmother to Grandaughter: Salvadoran Women's stories" is a must-read.

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Unknown said…

When asked what I can recommend for someone to read and learn about El Salvador, I recommend your book list which is very complete and relevant. Caroline and I recommended Enrique Alvarez. You put it on and gave it a five star rating. I am now recommending a book entitled: FAREWELL, FRED VOODOO - A Letter From Haiti by Amy Wilentz (2013).

While it does talk about El Mozote, it is really about Haiti. I recommend it as a must read for those in mission work and you will see many names common to El Salvador and Haiti. The writer's depth of insight and gift for writing alone makes it a worthwhile read.

The New York Times has a good review of this book.

I have nothing invested in the book and you will not hurt my feelings if you don't put it on the list. But, you will want to read it.


Don Seiple, Pastor Emeritus
sherpeace said…
Hey Tim,
I have been sharing your blogposts with friends of El Salvador (Salvadorans & CISPES members from back in the day) for several years.
I have just published my novel "Secrets & Lies in El Salvador" on Amazon Kindle and Createspace, as well as at Smashwords. It is the story of a young American woman who goes to ES during the civil war there. It includes a lot of historical events though it is a fictional story. In fact, I am hoping to get the schools to use it in 10th grade History through Literature classes.
I just ordered 211 books myself (I am testing the different s&h rates so that's the reason for the odd number). I would be happy to send you a book to review. Let me know if you prefer a paperback or an e-book.
Sherrie Miranda
P.S. You can learn more about the book here:
Or order it here:
Or here:
sherpeace said…
Or you can go to those sites and type in "Secrets & Lies in El Salvador."
Thanks for keeping me up-to-date on today's issues in El Salvador.
P.S. I have a section on Roque Dalton and there is a chapter on Romero's last homily, as well as his funeral.
Guerra said…

I was about to recommend this excellent English-language reading list on El Salvador to an intern traveling there over the summer and noticed that one reference I value is missing. It's Tommie Sue Montgomery's Revolution in El Salvador: From Civil Strife to Civil Peace.

Thanks for your excellent work.

Unknown said…
You can Add Milton M. Juarez "Itzalku" is a good adventure story about Pipil kids and how they defeat a monster in the cavern of Cuntetepeque. It is full of action and history about our natives.
Unknown said…
C. Flaherty said…
Death Foretold: The Jesuit Murders in El Salvador by Martha Doggett
C. Flaherty said…
Death Foretold: The Jesuit Murders in El Salvador by Martha Doggett
Unknown said…
Jasmine's War by Daniel Hyland
NESESjoy said…
Breaking Home Ties: A Salvadoran's Journey by Ricardo Pocasangre
D.W.Jefferson said…
"What You Have Heard Is True: A Memoir of Witness and Resistance" by Carolyn Forché is the story of a poet from the U.S. who spends time in El Salvador in the early years of the civil war.
D.W.Jefferson said…
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D.W.Jefferson said…
Another book to consider:

“What You Have Heard Is True: A Memoir of Witness and Resistance” by Carolyn Forché

Yes it is just the memoir of one gringa poet, but it is currently #1 in the category of El Salvador History on Amazon.
Cindy Dostal said…
Hi Tim, I also just finished "What You Have Heard is True" by Carolyn Forche. I really felt some of the terror of the times before and during the Civil War. Thanks for sharing your knowledge through this blog! Cindy Dostal
John Lamperti said…
This is a marvelous book, both as a penetrating look at El Salvador on the eve of war (1970s) and as a good story of a young woman's personal adventures. I loved it.

John Lamperti