The Blog List


I read many blogs about El Salvador as part of writing this one. This is a list of the blogs I refer to most frequently, divided by language. A star means the blog is one of my favorites.

English language bloggers

Linda's El Salvador Blog

David and Nancy in El Salvador

Grit and Grace

SHARE Foundation

La vida salvadoreña

What's Up El Salvador

Life in El Salvador

Friends of Santiago Texacuangos/Colectivo CEIBA


The Indigenous History of El Salvador

The Plantation Diaries

Voices from El Salvador’s Weblog

Love in Times Of...

Salvadoran bloggers

Conversations with Ernesto Rivas and friends

Hunnapuh – Comentarios

Siguiente Pagina

Alta Hora de la Noche

Columna Transversal (Paolo Luers)

Cosas tan pasajeras

Willian Marroquin


Salvadoran Roundtable Against Mining


El Salvador Musical

Frijolitos Salvadoreños

Entre lo publico y lo privado

El Salvador visto por un salvadoreño

Know of anther blog I should be reading? Use the comment feature on this page to let me know.


Hodad said…
how about ole
Senor Pescado's blog
or my other one 7 Buddhists in Latinolandia

too busy
less time here, on this puter and the web
means more time to get it going in Centro
with or with the worst rains in 50 years
Theodora Simon said…
If you're interested Tim, this is Tedde at SHARE, and back in June I started my own (personal) blog:

I hope you and Linda are well--it was wonderful to meet you, if breifly, in February at the VMM retreat!
Andy said…
My wife loves your blog and has read it religiously for the last year before our move to El Salvador. would love a link back
La Cipota said…
Just found your blog and love it! I would love to be on your list!! I run a Salvador Cooking blog, my husband is Salvadoreno. Here is my blog link:

Have a great day!
Con Mucho Carino,
La Cipota.
Unknown said…
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Sappa Tamang said…
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Evelyn Galindo said…
Unknown said…
Hi Tim-
Love the new look. It looks great! Nice job on it.
I have a book to send you. Would you email me your address?
email to:
You might remember, many years ago you gave me the name of someone who let me use a photo for my book, "Blood Soaked Dresses."
Keep up the great work. I have been following your blog for so many years. Where did the time go?
Gloria Mindock
Unknown said…
Hi Tim-
Your site looks great. I love the new look.
Nice job with it.
Would you send me your address? I have a book to send you.
I have been following your blog for years. You might remember me. You gave me a name years ago when I was looking for a photo for my book, "Blood Soaked Dresses." You had it n your site for awhile. I am still writing about the atrocities.
Keep up the great work and thank you for all you do.
Gloria Mindock
Anonymous said…
Hi Tim,

Cristosal has some great news and blog features:

Please consider adding to your list! Thanks!
Anonymous said… and

These are both great resources!
mundongo said…
Please take a look at Barracuda Literaria (
This recently appeared blog deals with matters of politics, culture and literature in El Salvador.
mundongo said…
Hi, Tim, we are following you. We would like you to follow, and include our website,, a magazine on politics, culture and literature.

Roger Lindo