Still waiting for election results

Just a short post today with links to election observation reports from multiple organizations which provided election observers during Sunday's elections and the process leading up to it.   As of Wednesday night, a recount had commenced for all of the ballots for Legislative Assembly as well as a portion of the presidential ballots where vote tallies had not been previously completed.

There are growing concerns about the ability of the TSE to guarantee the credibility of final results when they do appear.  An audio recording of a private meeting between the TSE and political party leaders obtained by El Faro included a suggestion by the chair fo the TSE that there might have been internal sabotage of the computer systems to tally and transmit votes.  Meanwhile the start of the recount of presidential ballots finally got underway hours late at a hotel in San Salvador.

Some are now calling for the election to be redone on March 3, when national elections for municipal governments are already scheduled.  

Organizations which have made public their election observation reports include:

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Virginia said…
A recount towards what end? Trivial revisions to vote total accuracy? Surely you don't believe any of these efforts would render a new candidate-elect.