Investigative Journalism in El Salvador

From his campaign for president until today, the most frequent target of social media attacks and diatribes by Nayib Bukele has been the independent press in the country, especially when they are in the middle of revealing uncomfortable truths about his administration.   That strategy, of denigrating the press as "fake news" which is "biased" and "part of the opposition", has appeared to work.   Bukele's popularity remains sky high with a public unwilling to hear any criticism of their "cool dictator."

Despite this, the journalism being produced by investigative journalists in El Salvador in recent years has actually been getting stronger.   As a student of the Salvadoran press for more than 20 years, I feel comfortable saying that the reporting now may be the best it has ever been, with reporters for multiple online media sites showing significant courage and fortitude knowing that all power in the country rests in the hands of those they are investigating.       

Set out below is a list of those Salvadoran independent journalism sites that I follow.   For each, I have included a link to a recent important report which is representative of its work.  In addition, all of these sites publish information about who is behind the publication and their source of funding.  I have linked to those pages for each publication, because it is an important piece of transparency which is lacking for the entire network of "news" sites established to broadcast the pro-Bukele regime spin on the news.

I did not include traditional newspapers like La Prensa Grafica, El Diario de Hoy and El Mundo in this list.   Those papers do produce excellent investigations from time to time as well, but here I am highlighting the work of independent non-profit press outlets. 

For the most part, other than the English version of El Faro, these sites only publish in Spanish.   But online tools like Google Translate have gotten so good, that this content can be easily accessed by my English speaking readers.