International press takes a look at "Bukelismo"

In the past few weeks there has been an abundance of new articles and opinion pieces in the international press about the Bukele regime in El Salvador.   There is a recognition that the reduction in gang violence linked by Bukele to the State of Exception has made the young leader extremely popular in El Salvador, likely to be re-elected despite a constitutional prohibition, and having an influence far beyond the borders of El Salvador.  

The possibility that "Bukelismo" may expand to other Latin American countries and contribute to declines in democracy elsewhere is the focus of a number of articles.  The Economist, LA Times and Bloomberg all focus on the international spread of Bukele's approach: 

Bukele enjoyed this graphic in The Economist coverage:

A very good new profile of Bukele's rise to power and consolidation of his hold in power is found in LeMonde:

The Guardian has continued its focus on the human rights abuses rampant under the State of Exception.

Meanwhile, in an opinion piece in The Hill, Leonardo Di Bonaventura Altuve, calls for the US and international actors to take steps to keep democracy from totally failing under Bukele's consolidation of power to himself.

In reading these recent articles, this piece from LawFare back in March is also worth considering:

The Economist also put out a video piece on the Bukele regime