Bits and pieces

Sharing a series of short takes on some recent events in El Salvador.

  • Ex-president Mauricio Funes and his former Minister of Justice and Security, David Munguía Payes were sentenced to prison this week for making deals with gang leaders in prison in 2012 gang truce.  Funes is living in exile in Nicaragua after fleeing there to avoid prosecution.  Munguia Payes who claims the prosecution was politically motivated is in custody in El Salvador. 

  • Military and security forces are going out in a new offensive in the State of Exception.  The office of president Bukele announced that although the country was decisively winning its war on gangs, it needed to launch an enhanced offensive to round up remnants of the gangs.

  • Nayib Bukele has appointed a new Commissioner for Human Rights and Freedom of Expression, Colombian lawyer Andrés Guzmán Caballero. A profile in El Pais describes the new commissioner as a specialist in cybercrimes with only 6 months background in human rights.  Guzmán Caballero has already expressed a view that a war El Salvador is fighting with gangs requires "exceptional measures." 

  • The Supreme Electoral Tribunal has yet to select a technology company to provide an internet voting system for national elections which start in January 2024.

  • Prosecutors have arrested and charged three Alianza FC team officials, including the president, the security manager and the financial manager, as well as stadium officials, for the deaths and injuries in the May 20 Cuscatlan Stadium crowd stampede.  The charges include homicide and injury through fault.

  • Cartoon mascots have been revealed for the upcoming 2023 Central American and Caribbean Games being held in El Salvador at the end of June.

  • Maqui (left) and Volco (right) official mascots 
    of the 2023 Central American and Caribbean Games


  • Rains may finally become more widespread.  There has been more rain in the past few days, after a late start to the rainy season which is being blamed on the El Niño effect.