Semana Santa

This week is Semana Santa (Holy Week) in El Salvador.   A week of religious celebrations commemorating the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ and of vacations and time spent with family.  Although recent polling shows that fewer than 40% of Salvadorans now describe themselves as members of the Roman Catholic church, the cultural flavor of Semana Santa is deeply rooted in centuries of Roman Catholicism.  Here is a collection of videos to share some of the week's events in different parts of the country. 

Palm Sunday procession in San Salvador:

Monday of Semana Santa in Sonsonate:


In Texistepeque, los Talciguines -- devils -- run through the streets of the town, whipping passersby, until confronted by Jesus who defeats them.


In many towns and cities in El Salvador, a city street may be decorated with carpets made with colored salts. The longest of all is in the town of Sensuntepeque :

Procession from Calvary Church in San Salvador.

The Good Friday procession in downtown San Salvador ends at Calvary Church.


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