Following El Salvador in English

I began writing El Salvador Perspectives (then called Tim's El Salvador Blog) 18 years ago.  At the time, there was little other coverage of news from El Salvador in English.

Today there are a number of additional options. 

El Faro English

The English language version of the award-winning investigative journalism site El Faro.  You can subscribe to a regular newsletter and also available as a podcast.   

El Salvador Info

El Salvador Info is a website produced by Salvadoran Eddie Vasquez.  Eddie has a mix of information from different viewpoints on his site in English, with a definite emphasis on promoting all the beautiful things El Salvador has to offer. News articles are generally found under the heading "Life in El Salvador."

El Salvador Now

According to this site:

El Salvador Now was born from a group of Salvadoran citizens concerned about the deterioration of democracy in their country and the need to create communication links with people and institutions abroad.

El Salvador Now is a weekly newsletter that anyone can subscribe to at no cost. It offers the service of monitoring the universe of information related to El Salvador from the media, institutions, churches, and NGO´s. The information is processed, summarized, and presented in an orderly manner to readers interested in the defense of democracy, the rule of law, and pluralism in El Salvador.

The site consists primarily of English summaries or translations of articles with a critical focus on the Bukele government.  The site offers an email newsletter with updated postings.  The site does not offer any identification of the persons behind it, but Nayib Bukele would certainly classify them as the "opposition."

El Salvador in English

If you want the government's take on the news (some would call it public relations spin) you can read "El Salvador in English."  El Salvador in English offers no information about its sponsors or authors. However, the lead article on Thursday, regarding the inauguration of lactation stations as part of a campaign by First Lady Gabriela Bukele was simply an English translation of the lead article on the government-run newspaper Diario El Salvador.  

All the articles are also posted on Twitter @slvnewsenglish if you want to follow them there.


There are also English language newsletters for Latin America which have regular coverage of El Salvador.   Two I follow are:


You can find ongoing coverage of El Salvador in the international English language press as well:

And of course as Google Translate becomes more and more accurate, you can head to Salvadoran periodicals and read the news directly.

Let me know any other regular sources which I may have omitted, and I hope you keep reading El Salvador Perpectives and my Twitter feed as the oldest, continuous source of information in English about El Salvador on the internet.