News and opinion podcasts for El Salvador

Here is a list of El Salvador news and opinion podcasts which I have collected.  Podcasts offer a way to receive news, analysis and much more to listen to on our smart devices while we are walking, or stuck in traffic, or doing the dishes.  All but the final one are in Spanish.

  • Gato Encerrado -- Currently my favorite Salvadoran podcast, the investigative journalists at Gato Encerrado upload a new episode each week on current events and their recent investigations.
  • Disruptiva -- This podcast from Francisco Gavidia University covers a single subject of public interest per episode.  Currently publishing a new episode every one or two weeks.
  • La Tribu FM -- The news and information talk show of Pencho Duque is available in podcast format.  Pencho frequently has interesting guests sharing their perspectives.
  • YSUCA Noticias -- The news broadcasts and editorials of YSUCA, the radio station of the University of Central America are available in podcast format.   It can be a little annoying that each one or two minute news item is treated as a separate episode.
  • Revista Factum -- The online independent news site RevistaFactum has a collection of podcasts dealing with current events as well as music and cinema.
  • Voz Publica -- The VozPublica podcast is a current events podcast which produced episodes during the last four months of 2021.   It's not clear if new episodes of this high quality podcast will be forthcoming. 
  • FOCOS - The podcast of the current events publication FOCOS has published 3 episodes, the last episode was in December 2021.   
  • Economía Masticada -- This podcast of Mariana Belloso deals with the Salvadoran economy with a focus on helping Salvadorans understand how the economy affects their household finances.
  • Cristosal -- The human rights organization Cristosal has this podcast series dramatizing stories of forced displacement from El Salvador and Central America.
  • El Faro -- El Faro stopped broadcasting El Faro Radio in March 2019, but the old episodes are still available and include interviews with some important figures in current El Salvador.
  • Salvis Unidos  -- This English language podcast features stories of members of the Salvadoran diaspora.