Here is a collection of recent English language news coverage of events in El Salvador.

International Monetary Fund negotiations

The Salvadoran government needs a $1.3 billion IMF loan to fund itself going forward.   The IMF has conditions it may place on such a loan.

IMF meets Salvadoran delegation in Washington (Reuters, Nov. 10)

Decisive Loan for the Bitcoin Country (El Faro English, Nov. 5)

El Salvador needs policy changes to advance IMF program - Fund spokesman (Reuters, Nov. 4)


The fascination with Bitcoin in El Salvador continues.

El Salvador President Nayib Bukele says he will use some of his country's bitcoin profits to build 20 schools (Markets Insider, Nov. 3, 2021)

El Salvador Pours Bitcoin Profits Into Health and Education Amid Ongoing Chivo Wallet Fraud Furor (Pymnts.com, Nov. 5, 2021)

Does Bitcoin provide the relief that El Salvador sorely needs? (International Banker)

Dismantling democracy is antithetical to Bitcoin (El Faro English, Nov. 2, 2021)

Human Rights

The InterAmerican Commission on Human Rights issued a report on human rights in El Salvador, and women's rights to be free from violence and control their bodies are a key concern. 

Situation of Human Rights in El Salvador (IACHR, Nov. 3)

Rights group raises alarm over threat to women in El Salvador (Reuters, Nov. 4)

El Salvador lawmakers overwhelmingly reject challenge to country's complete abortion ban (CBS News)

Does God Support Corrupt Leaders? (El Faro English, Oct. 21)

Reckoning with the past

Massacre in El Salvador (PBS Frontline documentary, Nov. 9)

Salvadoran Civil War-Era Kidnapping Case Closed with Apology (El Faro English, Nov. 2)

In other news

After democratic elections, El Salvador has ‘spirit of hope’ under President Bukele Milena Mayorga, El Salvador Ambassador to US, op ed in Miami Herald, Nov. 10