Bukele's popularity constant after 2 years in office

After two years in office, Nayib Bukele remains a highly popular president with impressive approval ratings.  These are the results of an opinion poll released yesterday by La Prensa Grafica, a periodical which itself is not an ally of the president. 

According to the poll, 86.5% approve of Bukele's performance in office, with 63.6% greatly approving:

Bukele receives even higher marks, above 90%, for his management of the pandemic, and there is no sign that the May 1 removal of supreme court judges and the attorney general, widely criticized internationally and by constitutional experts, had any negative impact on Bukele's image among his supporters. 

Bukele's approval ratings are significantly higher than his previous three predecessors in office at the same point in their presidencies:

Equally important, more Salvadorans believe that El Salvador is on the correct course forward than not:

Last night Bukele delivered a "Discourse to the Nation" on the second anniversary of his ascent to the presidency.  The vast majority of the speech was a harangue against the "oligarchy", the forces of the status quo, the "ideological apparatus" opposed to him, the "parties in the corner" of the Legislative Assembly (ARENA and FMLN), and placed himself and Nuevas Ideas as the embodiments of the popular will of the people.  And as of today, it is fair to say that the people of El Salvador still overwhelmingly want him as their president.


@TimMuth Yo Tim! I have interviewed residents and refugees from El Salvador. All say Bukele is an honest n needed reformer doing great things for the ppl. What’s ur evidence for dis’ing him in your last paragraph? Do you, like the corp dominated US State Dept, long for the good ol' days of a banana republic?