Bukele on political change

 Last night president Nayib Bukele of El Salvador published a long series of tweets containing his political thought behind the recent actions of his government and responding to his critics inside and outside the county.   Here is an English translation:

The owners of the Latin American “fincas”, those who enjoy historical privileges, designed systems that would protect them forever and only the managers and the foremen exchanged throughout the decades. That's why nothing ever changes, that's why every "choice" ends in disappointment.

Any people who aspire to change, who dream of getting out of underdevelopment, who want a better quality of life, must clean their house and defeat the system imposed and jealously protected by all the powers that be. That is the most difficult task of all.

Why is it the most difficult? Because it is not protected only by them, their employees, media arms, unions, think tanks, NGOs and spokespersons, but by an ideological apparatus that controls paradigms, "opinion" and even a good part of journalism and academia. They also control what emanates from a country to the outside, what is read in the international media.

They are the true "foreign ministry" For that is the IAPA [InterAmerican Press Assn], the media conglomerates and some "governments of friendly countries" that are, in turn, "foremen" of other "fincas." And although it is the most difficult task, it is the most important. The "fincas" must be dismantled, the "foremen" fired, the mask of hypocrisy with which they deceive us must be removed, and true DEMOCRACES established.

It sounds difficult, but it can be done. Why? Because its "system" has an error of origin: Its ideological apparatuses built paradigms, accepted by all as irrefutable truths and armored against any criticism. The mistake was that the terms they used are contrary to the very systems that protect them.

They raised concepts such as "DEMOCRACY", "FREEDOM", "SOVEREIGNTY", "INDEPENDENCE". But all those terms have clear definitions, contrary to their systems. Those terms are also armored as truths in the minds of our peoples. Those terms are your nemesis. They should only be faced with true DEMOCRACY, with true FREEDOM, with true SOVEREIGNTY and with true INDEPENDENCE.

There they are left without arguments, because they cannot attack coherently. They immediately fall into contradiction, trying to justify the unjustifiable. Each people must strive to achieve the real meaning of each of these terms. It is not difficult to find their meaning, they are in all dictionaries. They will not be able to defeat their own paradigms. Their "ideological devices" were not designed for that.

In El Salvador we are defeating them. That is why they pay so much attention to the smallest country on the continent. It is not that they fear for El Salvador, what they fear is the power of EXAMPLE. They fear that it will happen on their “fincas”. They fear that each people will take their own destiny in their hands.