Bukele not appearing in public

For a few weeks Nayib Bukele has been governing El Salvador from the cybersphere.   He has issued orders to government ministers, ordered the military quarantine of an entire city, put out nightly numbers on the progress of the epidemic and pressured the Legislative Assembly to adopt state of emergency measures, all by presidential tweet.

Yet Bukele has not been seen in public since at least April 10.  This has led to a number of rumors circulating on social media that he might be out of the country.   The most prominent rumor, promoted by former president and now fugitive from corruption charges Mauricio Funes, is that Bukele has been traveling Florida while the family seeks medical care for his daughter.

A few days ago Bukele spoke out to deny the rumors.  He pointed to his recent veto of legislative measures signed with ink and stamped with his official seal.

But how could I veto a decree with my hand and letter, if, as they say, I am in Miami?

Two days later he tweeted. 

I don't understand this rumor that I am not in El Salvador.   I have had 4 national television addresses.  I have been in charge of the pandemic response.  I have signed, issued observations, and vetoes legislative decree, which can only be done being physically in our country.

Bukele posted a picture of himself on Facebook sitting behind a presidential desk wearing a protective mask:

  "The rumors of my rapture by extraterrestrials are totally baseless"

To make fun of people speculating about his absence, he changed his profile picture on Twitter to this:

The speculators and doubters have not been satisfied by those tweets,  while others had a lot of fun with Photoshop, for example: 



So, he is basically pulling an Ortega.
Don said…
Reading Lawrence M. Ladutke's ignorant responses on here has obliterated my confidence in Amnesty International.