El Salvador and corona virus preparation

As of today, March 4, there are no confirmed cases of the corona virus (COVID-19) in El Salvador.   But the government recognizes that like everywhere in the world, it is likely the rapidly spreading disease will show up in the small Central America country.

The government of El Salvador is taking steps to assure the public it is ready to confront the potential threat of the corona virus.  A health department official urged the population not to panic, but to instead get informed about the symptoms of the disease and the steps necessary to avoid the spread of the disease.  The government plans to take additional control measures during Holy Week when there is significant tourist travel into and out of the country.

In a press conference Saturday, health officials stated that there are currently 25 arriving international travelers who are in quarantine.   Ten are in a "controlled"quarantine and 15 are quarantined at home.   The government declined to reveal the location of the controlled quarantine facility. No one in quarantine has tested positive for the virus and the quarantines are precautionary.

Arriving international passengers are screened for fever and asked about their travel history.

El Salvador is currently banning entry of foreign nationals travelling from corona virus hotspot countries: China, South Korea, Italy and Iran.

On the website of the El Salvador's Ministry of Health, you can find the 68 page national plan for dealing with the corona virus developed earlier this year.

The government recently released this short video of the basic preventive measures everyone should be taking:

As always, I recommend you return regularly to the web site of the World Health Organization dedicated to COVID-19 for the most up-to-date, science based information about the spread of this disease and how we can protect ourselves.