Ten Salvadoran women to remember

At Remezcla this week, Christina Noriega writes Herstory: Ten Salvadoran Women Who Changed the Course of History.  From the introduction to her piece:
[H]istory shows that Salvadoran women have faced their dark circumstances to light beacons of hope. In this installment of our Herstory series, we look at the women who survived war, colonial rule, dictatorships and other bleak episodes in Salvadoran history to create change. They led guerrilla groups, defied abortion laws, laughed in the face of the patriarchal restrictions of their times and championed the rights of women. Often erased from history, these women are today heroines.
Go to the article at Remzcla to read short summaries of the contributions of:

  • María Feliciana de los Ángeles Miranda
  • Antonia Navarro Huezo
  • Prudencia Ayala
  • Julia Mojica
  • Matilde Elena López
  • Mélida Anaya Montes
  • Marianella García Villas
  • María Ofelia Navarrete
  • María Teresa Tula
  • Rufina Amaya