Bukele at Doha Forum and on 60 Minutes

Nayib Bukele had two appearances in international media on Sunday.    He gave the closing address at the Doha Forum in Qatar.    Bukele was in Qatar as part of an international tour that included stops in Japan and China.  The Doha Forum, which defines itself as a global platform for dialogue, this year discussed various topics under the theme of "Reimagining Governance in a Multi-Polar World."

Bukele's remarks can be summarized as "the world is now globalized, completely connected by the internet and our smartphones, and producing more than ever before in history with the resources to feed and provide health care to everyone on the planet.   Then why don't we?"   (He did not answer the question he posed). 

The second appearance was an interview on 60 Minutes on the CBS network in the United States.   The headline grabbing soundbites were "our whole economy is in shatters," and El Salvador does not "have asylum capacities, but we can build them" for persons sent there by the US under the asylum cooperation agreement El Salvador recently signed.