Materials for 30th anniversary of Jesuits massacre

This Saturday, November 16, is the 30th anniversary of the massacre of six Jesuit priests and one of their female co-workers and her daughter at the University of Central America (UCA) in San Salvador.   For the rest of the week, El Salvador Perspectives will share several posts about the massacre and its commemoration this week.

To begin, we have collected some videos on YouTube in English which provide an overview.

In this video, ABC News offers early reporting on the massacre.

In this video prepared for the 2018 commemoration of the massacre, José María Tojeira, S.J., the current director of the Human Rights Institute at the UCA and a fellow Jesuit working with his martyred brothers in 1989, shares his memories and reflections.

In this video, the Center for Justice and Accountability describes the massacre and the efforts of the CJA to pursue justice.

In this video, US Congressman Jim McGovern is interviewed about the Jesuit massacre.   As a staffer, he was part of the team supporting the Moakely Commission, a US Congressional investigation into the Jesuit murders.