Featured Salvadoran journalism

I want to highlight two articles this week in El Salvador's two most prominent online sources of investigative journalism, El Faro and Revista Factum

In Las pruebas de cómo Mauricio Funes derrochó dinero público, (The evidence of how Mauricio Funes squandered public money),  the El Faro team shares the results of its review of thousands of receipts and accounting records showing how former president Mauricio Funes and his family lived a luxurious lifestyle after coming into office, with trips to DisneyWorld on private jets, purchase of luxury goods, and more. 

RevistaFactum published Mara Salvatrucha: “Confiamos en Dios y en Nayib Bukele”   (Mara Salvatrucha: "We trust in God and in Nayib Bukele")  in which Bryan Avelar interviews a top leader of the gang Mara Salvatrucha, regarding the views of top gang leadership in El Salvador.   The interview covers a wide range of topics including their views of the incoming president.