Disorderly transition of power

From the outside looking in, the transition of power from the current FMLN government to the new government of Nayib Bukele and Nuevas Ideas is not going smoothly.  Following his election, Bukele has continued his rhetoric accusing the current government of incompetence and corruption.
For example, yesterday as video showed heavy rains flooding a hospital in San Miguel, Bukele tweeted "Dejaron nuestro país en ruinas...Qué Dios los perdone."  (They left our country in ruins...May God forgive them).

The outgoing administration has been accused of last minutes raises and promotion for government employees.   A new union was suddenly approved for workers within the presidency.  The government is blamed for shortages of medicines throughout the healthcare system.

Today, the outgoing government delivered what it said were more than 100,000 folios covering 14 ministries and more than 80 government institutions.   The delivery was made in a pile of cardboard file boxes (although a digital record is also being provided in front of a group of formally dressed public officials.   The folios are said to contain all of the administrative, legal and financial elements of the government which the new government will need to know.   But no one from the incoming government was there to receive the document delivery.

In a singular event in the history of El Salvador our government delivers all the reports and documents about its administration and plans on their way to the Court of Claims. in this untold process of the transition of power... 
The data are comprehensive and reflect an enormous work of benefit to our people, that which guided our work in these five years and signified important achievements in the economy, health, education, culture and social programs.

To date, Bukele has only publicly announced the names of five incoming heads of ministries and his ambassador to the United Nations (all of them women).   One might wonder if the remaining ministers are just going to talk in and take over their jobs with the old administration gone after May 31.  At least they have the 100,000 folios in cardboard boxes to help them.

But some documents may not have made it into those folios.  Photos surfaced on social media this week of destroyed documents found in dumpsters behind public ministries. Bukele promised to hold those responsible accountable:

The Secretariat of Social Inclusion of the presidency destroying thousands of documents, just days to the change of government.
We even saw a video of an employee carrying  destroyed documents within a backpack?
Who carries destroyed documents inside a backpack?...
Charges will be presented against all the public employees that participate in this type of action and their bosses.
In all the agencies of the State, the FGR should act against those responsible. If it doesn't, it could be committing  the crime of failure to investigate.
The Attorney General's office (FGR) showed up on site to gather evidence.