Of flooding and presidential candidates

A weather system related to the tropical weather patterns which produced hurricane Michael in the Caribbean has been generating heavy rains and flooding in El Salvador.  A "zone of intertropical convergence" has been over the country since Friday drawing moisture and storms off of the Pacific Ocean, according the the Ministry of the Environment and Natural Resources.   The greatest impacts are being felt along the coast and in the eastern regions of the country.

The government ordered all schools in the country closed on Monday and Tuesday as a precaution because of the danger of flooding and landslides.   At least four people have died, 14 are wounded and 700 people have sought protection in shelters.

The Litoral highway which runs along El Salvador's Pacific coast was largely impassable because of mudslides and fallen trees.

Meanwhile, El Salvador's presidential candidates and their parties made sure to show up in affected zones giving aid and looking concerned.   The candidates tweeted out these and other photos:

Carlos Calleja (ARENA)

Hugo Martinez (FMLN)

Nayib Bukele (Nuevas Ideas / GANA)

The rains are expected to lessen on Tuesday.


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