El Salvador reality by the numbers

Here are some statistics on current reality in El Salvador:

Millions more.  El Salvador's Central Reserve Bank reports that remittances have topped $4 billion through September 2018, a 9.2% growth from the year before.   More than 21% of Salvadoran households receive remittances from abroad.

Slightly less.  The US has deported 12,232 Salvadorans in 2018 as of October 19.   This is 750 fewer deportations than the same period in 2017.

More than 151,000.    The number of Salvadorans with pending deportation cases in the US immigration courts.

500 fewer.    The PNC reports that that 2018 has had 500 fewer homicides in El Salvador than in 2017.

More than 1000.   The number of traffic deaths so far in 2018 in El Salvador is 1016, which is 60 more than in 2017.

Six.   Victims who died as a result of recent flooding rains in El Salvador.  22 were injured.