More US underwear to come from El Salvador

US consumers may look on tags on their underwear and find that it is "hecho en El Salvador" -- made in El Salvador.  El Salvador garment factories have long been a source of underwear for the US market and that trend is continuing.

An article on an apparel industry website today notes that HanesBrands is investing to expand its factories in El Salvador where underwear for the US market is sewn:  According to an article in Just-Style, the garment manufacturer will invest a total of $10.4 million on its facilities here and increase employment by 430 jobs.

HanesBrands decision to increase investment in El Salvador is attributed in the article to a new customs union among Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador as well as the country's decision to cut diplomatic ties with Taiwan. 

You can read HanesBrands public relations pieces about its operations in El Salvador here.

Balance those public relations pieces with a 2010 inspection report by the Fair Labor Association which found numerous violations of workers rights at a Hanes facility in El Salvador. 


Mago said…
I don't know about the working conditions in their plants. I have a relationship with the Universidad Panamericana in San Salvador, where I was a Fulbright Scholar in 2005, and with whom I still work on research projects. I know that a couple of years ago the university was providing college classes to Hanes employees, which the company was paying for. From Jim Winship