Who is running for president of El Salvador?

With a little more than six months to go before El Salvador's 2019 presidential elections, the field of candidates is becoming fairly well-defined.   Here are the candidates with possible vice presidential nominees as well:

Carlos Calleja is the nominee of ARENA.  Calleja is probably best known for his family's ownership of the Super Selectos chain of supermarkets in the country.  His running mate will be Carmen Aída Lazo, an economist with a masters in public administration from the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard.  Reportedly her presence on the ticket was a condition for the other right wing parties, PCN and PDC to give their support to Calleja.

Carmen Aida Lazo recently wrote Beyond Polarization in 21st-century El Salvador
Carlos Calleja
What Is Different? in Revista, the Harvard Review of Latin America.   Her article is a very useful overview of the left-right split in El Salvador and why little seemed to change when the government changed hands.

Hugo Martinez is the candidate from the FMLN.   Martinez has been El Salvador's foreign minister during the presidency of Salvador Sanchez Ceren.   His running mate will be Karina Sosa, currently a deputy in the National Assembly.

Nayib Bukele has registered as the candidate of CD for the 2019 presidential election.    There has not been an announcement of a running mate from the coalition of CD and Bukele.

Will Salgado, the colorful former mayor of San Miguel has announced that he will seek the nomination of the GANA party and will ask Guillermo Gallegos, the party's chief and former president of the National Assembly, to be his running mate.  At this point, it is not clear to me whether GANA really wants Salgado or is still negotiating with other parties the terms of possible coalitions.

VAMOS, a new political party accredited in 2017, will put forward Josué Alvarado, a Salvadoran businessman living in the United States.  Alvarado founded Rio Grande Foods, located in Maryland.


Anonymous said…
It is sad to see all the candidates runnung for the presidency of all Salvador
Without a clear and concious view of the social, economic reality of the country.
We all know the attitude of the Arena's canditate last week; when he was approached by a begger. Opted to ignore the person.
How people like him can run a country tht is full of social issues rooted in the poverty, violence and a governmental machine that is full of inefficiencies.

Ignoring the reality of the people does not solve the reality of the county.