News from El Salvador

A series of headlines from El Salvador this week.

No changes to El Salvador's total ban on abortion.   The possibility of changes to El Salvador's total ban on abortion faded as the current National Assembly closed without taking up a reform bill.   The new legislature will be more conservative and unlikely to make changes.

Nayib Bukele supporters sign petitions to form party.    Very large crowds of supporters of San Salvador mayor Nayib Bukele turned out to sign petitions to register his movement "Nuevas Ideas" as an official political party in the country.  Bukele hopes to run for president in 2019.

Husband of slain journalist arrested.   Authorities arrested the husband of slain journalist Karla Turcios this week.   The focus turned from this being a case of an attack on journalism to a case of femicide and domestic violence.

Caravan of asylum seekers reaches US border.    A caravan of hundreds of asylum seekers reached the US border near San Diego this weekend.   The caravan is mostly Hondurans, but also includes Salvadorans fleeing gang violence.   The asylum seekers are not crashing the border, but are turning themselves in and exercising their right under international law to request asylum.

Corruption case against Tony Saca proceeds.   There was a hearing this week on the criminal corruption charges against former Salvadoran president Tony Saca and others.   Saca, El Salvador's president from 2004-2009, is accused of diverting more than $300 million from public funds to private accounts.   Saca, who is currently in prison, will learn in the middle of May whether the case against him will continue.