No final results in Salvadoran legislative elections.

El Salvador's Supreme Electoral Tribunal ("TSE" for its initials in Spanish) is asking the country for patience as it tries to finalize election results for deputies in the National Assembly.   The TSE is indicating that final results may not be available until after the Holy Week vacations which start in two days.

The results to date of the "escrutinio final" or final vote count are available on the TSE's web site here.  All of the results for municipal elections throughout the country are finalized, but the legislative results still need final outcomes from the department of San Vicente where three seats are at stake.   In its press conference today, the TSE indicated that pending legal actions were preventing the conclusion of counting in San Vicente.

La Prensa Grafica reported that the country's attorney general has informed the TSE that he has custody of 157 ballots which were found discarded in one voting center in San Vicente.   These ballots could determine the allocation of the final seat in the Assembly.

This prolonged process, which also follows a computer software error in displaying preliminary results, continues to place the TSE in a bad light  The TSE had similar problems in conducting the 2015 legislative elections.

The delay does not change the primary outcome of the election, however.   The FMLN suffered its worst electoral defeat since the end of the war, losing any power to control outcomes in the National Assembly and losing the mayor's office in San Salvador and many other municipalities.

This week president Salvador Sánchez Cerén announced a shakeup in his cabinet in response to the election results.