Rainbow pride crosswalks

Rainbow colored pedestrian crosswalks in San Salvador support the rights of the LGBTQ community according to an article by Melissa Vida at GlobalVoices titled El Salvador’s ‘Rainbow Crosswalk’ Promotes Pedestrian Safety and LGBTQ Rights.  The sidewalks first appeared at the end of June.   Vida writes:
In El Salvador, more than 20 artists and LGBTQ rights activists painted crosswalks with the colors of the rainbow LGBTQ pride flag between the Boulevard of Heroes and Andes Avenue. This is the first time that a Central American country has authorized support for the LGBTQ community in this way. 
To have a permanent work of art in the center of the country's capital city, the Salvadorian LGBTQ community achieved an important advance in their visibility and their normalization in society, something that goes far beyond the Gay Pride Month which is organized in June.
While I have my doubts that the crosswalks will have any impact on pedestrian safety in San Salvador's notoriously dangerous traffic, the visibility to the LGBTQ community might help bring a step towards greater acceptance.