Week in review

Catch up on what has been going on in El Salvador with these English language articles from the past week:

From InsightCrime:

US Reverses Course in CentAm with Heavy-Handed 'Drug War' Approach "In a meeting held with the presidents of the Northern Triangle countries of Central America last week in Miami, the administration of US President Donald Trump reiterated that henceforth the focus of bilateral relations will be prioritizing heavy-handed approaches to the so-called "drug war" and illegal migration to the United States stemming from the region, with little significance being given to the allocation of development funds...."   

El Salvador Strikes against Death Squads Led by Army, Police  "Police and army officials were among those arrested in El Salvador's biggest opperation against anti-gang death squads in recent memory, as the authorities finally move against the deadly militias that have flourished under their noses...."

Barrio 18 Extortion Scheme Casts Doubt on El Salvador Govt Security Narrative "The Barrio 18 gang in El Salvador allegedly engaged in large-scale extortion of a community water management project, underscoring flaws in the government's claims that security is improving across the country...." 

US Lacks Evidence Linking Migrant Children to MS13 Crimes  "Representatives of three US federal law enforcement agencies were unable to offer the Senate Judiciary Committee any conclusive evidence of links (beyond isolated cases) between groups of unaccompanied minors who arrived in the United States since 2012 and the recent increase in crimes attributed to the MS13 gang in several cities around the country...."

US deportations:

Virginian mother of 2 deported to native El Salvador, despite pardon.   "A mother of two has been deported to her native El Salvador, despite the Virginia governor's pardon of a minor driving offense...."

These American kids are adapting to new lives in El Salvador after their dad was deported. "When Waldo Martínez left Sensuntepeque in the early '90s, escaping El Salvador's civil war, he never thought he'd be back 25 years later with an American wife and four Las Vegas-born kids...."

The environment:

How Local, Grassroots Organizing Drove El Salvador’s Mining Ban.  "On March 29, the small Central American nation of El Salvador passed a total ban on metal mining. The historic vote on the law was unanimous, bridging strong partisan divides, and was the culmination of more than a decade of activism, coalition building, and direct political participation by the people of El Salvador...."

El Salvador Floods.   "Heavy rain has been affecting several areas of the country over the past few days, causing floods and landslides.   According to national authorities, as of 20 June at 7.00 (UTC), four people have been killed and three have been injured in the departments of Cuscatlán, La Paz, Cabañas and Ahuachapán. 288 people are displaced, according to civil protection authorities. They also reported that 211 houses were damaged and 45 landslides were triggered by heavy rain."