Gang truce case proceedings

The current attorney general of El Salvador, Douglas Meléndez, is prosecuting the mediators of the 2012 gang truce and those government officials he accuses of participation in implementing the truce. The defendants include Raúl Mijango who mediated the truce, Nelson Rauda, former director of the prison system, and other prison officials.

In a proceeding today, the judge agreed to lift the confidentiality seal over the case to allow the case to proceed in public.   With the seal lifted, Paolo Luers,  who is often linked to the truce himself, described today's events in a blog post.  The preliminary hearing is expected to last three days.

The 2012 gang truce began in March 2012 and led to an immediate drop in the homicide rate of more than 50% as El Salvador's gangs ceased shooting at each other.  At the same time, a group of top gang leaders in the prisons were transferred to lower security facilities with more privileges.   Government officials denied that there had been any quid pro quo.  The truce was over by the first quarter of 2014.