Statistics on migration to the US

Number of El Salvador born migrants living in US

Good data is important to good understanding for policy decisions, and  this is especially true when it comes to understanding migrant and refugee flows across borders.   My go-to source for documented and credible migration data is the Migration Policy Institute ("MPI").   

Recently, MPI released a spotlight report on Central American migrants in the United States.  Among such migrants, those from El Salvador make up the largest share at 40% of the total:

The MPI report provides a wealth of other statistics which you can sort and filter on such things as education level, age, workforce participation, healthcare coverage, English language proficiency and more.

For example, MPI lets you see, down to the county level, the locations where Salvadorans and other migrants have settled within the US:

Bookmark the MPI site for when you need migration data in the future.


Tom said…
This is amazing. As a data junkie and someone who has El Salvador burned into my heart, it is a wonderful playground and source of information. Thank you!